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McMaster/Mohawk Affiliated Certificates

McMaster Mohawk

McMaster / Mohawk Affiliated Certificates

Enhance your Social Sciences degree with practical and applied skills that will prepare you for ‘real-world’ challenges and opportunities.

Earn a University Degree & a College Certificate Concurrently.
Earn a certificate from Mohawk College while you complete your Social Sciences degree. The McMaster/Mohawk Affiliated Certificate Program allows you to earn a degree and a specialized certificate concurrently.  This program is exclusive to McMaster Social Sciences students and offer an innovative way to balance the theoretical knowledge you expect from a university education with the practical application traditionally offered in colleges.  You’ll gain practical skills that are attractive to future employers.

How it works

Once you complete the Social Sciences Level 1 program, you will apply for you major. At this time you can opt to do an applied certificate stream. The three certificate streams offered are the Certificate in Leadership and Management in the Not-for-Profit Sector, the Business Studies Certificate and the  Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Certificate.

Affiliated certificates are available to all Social Sciences students in a three-level Bachelor of Arts or four-level Honours Bachelor of Arts program. These specialized certificates will be issued by Mohawk College at the time of graduation and are based upon successful completion of the six prescribed courses  for the particular certificate. You can take all six courses (18 units) for the certificate or take individual courses as electives.


Earn a Certificate from Mohawk College as you complete your Social Sciences degree.

Certificates offered are:

Mohawk McMaster certificates:

  • Can be paired with any Social Sciences degree
  • Are taught on the McMaster campus (no travelling)
  • Are completed using your elective credits so you’re not:
    • Extending your time to complete your degree/certificate
    • Incurring additional course fees

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