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First Year Courses

If you are coming straight from high school, you will be entering into Social Sciences 1, no matter what area of interest was indicated on your OUAC application. Social Sciences 1 is the start of the path to your degree program. You will take the prerequisites for your program of choice in Level 1 and explore other areas of interest. Taking a variety of courses will help you discover a program best suited to your interests. You will declare your major the near the end of your first year.

What are the Social Sciences First Year Program requirements?

All Level 1 Social Sciences students must take at least 18 units from the Social Sciences Course List and 12 units of electives from either Social Sciences or other Faculties, providing the prerequisites of individual courses are met. That is 15 units a semester or 5, 1 term courses.

Required: 18 units of Social Sciences
Electives: 12 units of courses of your choosing which may include Social Sciences
3 units: 1 term course    
6 units:
2 terms course 

Tip: The number on the end of a course code indicates how many units a course is worth. Examples: SOCSCI 1HS3 = 3 units (1 term course), SOCIOL 1A06 = 6 units (2 terms course)

Social Sciences Course List

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