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Dassinger Janet, PhD Students

Janet Dassinger

PhD Students

Graduate Students
School of Social Work


Thesis Title: Adjusting to Loss: The Challenges, Contradictions, and Promise of Union-led adjustment
Supervisor: Donna Baines
Committee Members: Bill Lee, Stephen McBride and Stephanie Ross

I am a fourth year PhD candidate and have previously completed a BA (87) and MA (09) in Labour Studies at McMaster University. Prior to beginning my doctoral degree, I worked as a trade union activist and educator with unions and central labour bodies to develop labour based education and training programs for laid off workers and precariously employed workers. This lived experience has formed the basis of my research interest in the effects of neoliberal economic and social and labour market policy; government and voluntary sector responses to the crisis of unemployment and precarity; and efforts by unions to renew themselves through innovative forms of organizing with community allies. My thesis will explore the the role of unions in assisting workers who have become
dislocated through plant closures and layoffs.