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deBie Alise, PhD Students

Alise deBie

PhD Students

Graduate Students
School of Social Work


Supervisor: Ann Fudge Schormans

Committme Members: Chris Sinding, Amber Dean, Beth Marquis

  • Started their PhD program in Mad Studies in 2012.
  •  Has been creating community with fellow crazy and disabled students and Mad Pride celebrators since 2009 (the Hamilton Mad Students Collective, Mad Pride Hamilton, and MACCESS Student Network most recently & extensively) 
  • Is currently playing with fun, science fiction, time travel, metaphor, children’s books, ghosts, spies, hoarding, collage, autobiography, mapping, and hanging out to craft a dissertation on Mad Knowing, Teaching, and Learning.
  • Loves conferences that serve egg salad sandwiches.
  • Completed a BA (English)/BSW (McMaster University), a Master’s in Environmental Studies (MES, York University), & the PREFER peer support program through the Centre for Building a Culture of Recovery in Toronto.