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Gibson Michelle

Michelle Gibson

Graduate Students
School of Social Work


Supervisor:  Dr. Rachel Zhou
Committee Members:  Dr. Saara Greene and Dr. Sarah Brophy
Thesis Title: TBD
Michelle began her first year of PhD study in September 2013 at McMaster University's School of Social Work. Michelle is interested in exploring the experience of women living with HIV through the lens of body and self. In her Masters of Social Work thesis, she explored the ways in which living with HIV changed women’s relationship with their bodies. She is seeking to build on this research based on the findings that for women living with HIV, body is important, but also sense of identity. Michelle hopes her research will contribute to services for women living with HIV that are directed by the concerns of women living with HIV. Key concepts in Michelle's research are narratives, meaning making, HIV, gender, body and self. Michelle brings with her practice experience with women who experience life with illness, stigma, and difficulty navigating relationships with their bodies and sense of self.  She is particularly passionate about practice and research that allows marginalized populations the space to share, explore and deconstruct their life narratives through story and art, and to challenge the dominant discourses that intersect with their narratives.