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Gilmour Rebecca

Rebecca Gilmour

PhD Students
Department of Anthropology


I completed my M.Sc. on Roman trauma at Aquincum, Budapest, at Durham University under the supervision of Drs. Rebecca Gowland and Charlotte Roberts. My B.A. (Hons) research at Simon Fraser University (Dr. Mark Skinner) investigated the forensic relevance of carnivore-digested bone fragmentation. For my Ph.D. at McMaster, I am working with Drs. Megan Brickley and Tracy Prowse to explore the long-term consequences of healed limb fractures in ancient Roman civilian contexts from the UK, Austria, Hungary, and Italy. Using morphological and radiographic analyses, I hope to find evidence for functional loss and impairment as it occurs after an arm or leg fracture. I aim to use this information to better understand the injury risks, longevity of trauma, and lived experiences of the northern Roman frontier and Italian core residents.