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Price Samantha

Samantha Price

PhD Students
Department of Anthropology


I graduated with a B.A. Honours from The University of Winnipeg, specializing in Physical Anthropology and Biology.  I continued my studies with my Master’s degree at Trent University, where I focused on Physical Anthropology under the supervision of Dr. Anne Keenleyside. My Master’s thesis focused on evaluating the use of dental calculus as a proxy to bone for stable isotope analysis in paleodietary studies. I completed this research using samples from the Greek Colonial site of Apollonia Pontica, Bulgaria (5th to 3rd century BC). For my doctoral research, I plan to investigate dental calculus further and gain a better understanding of the diversity of calculus within the oral microbiome. I am also interested in studying pathogens and bacteria found in dental calculus to gain insight into the health and illnesses of past populations.