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Stanley Daina

Daina Stanley

PhD Students
Department of Anthropology


My doctoral research will explore illness, aging and care among prisoners at a men's prison in California. I aim to document the social issues that influence health & aging in prisons, to determine the needs of aging prisoners & whether these needs are met and to suggest meaningful models of care in prison that include prisoners in the process & that can be applied across diverse settings. I also aim to gain insight into the identity of prisoners as providers of care. I will use an ethnographic approach to examine the broader social context of health & illness, focusing critically on aging & care. My research will contribute to new understandings of the connection between discipline, aging & care & produce knowledge about how prisoners can be better cared for in disciplinary settings. This study will provide the rich data necessary to create & implement community-based care in different cultural contexts. This project will impact the health & well-being of prisoners & serve to inform lawmakers, policymakers, & correctional staff, leading to new, empirically informed care models in Canada & North America more broadly.