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Tan Netina, Assistant Professor

Netina Tan

Assistant Professor

Department of Political Science

Institute on Globalization & the Human Condition

Area(s) of Interest:

Research Snaps


Netina Tan received her Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of British Columbia. Her dissertation "Access to Power: Hegemonic Party Rule in Singapore and Taiwan" was awarded the 2011 Vincent Lemieux Prize for the best Ph.D. thesis submitted at a Canadian Institution by the Canadian Political Science Association. Netina was a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow at Asian Institute, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, 2011-2. She completed her B.A. at the National University of Singapore, and worked as a Research Officer in the Singapore Ministry of Defence before attaining her M.A. in Southeast Asian Studies at the NUS and M.A. in Political Science at the University of Regina.

Research and Teaching Interests

Democratization, Authoritarianism, Electoral and Party Politics, Gender and Security Issues in East and Southeast Asia. 

Graduate Supervision

I am happy to supervise students working on democratization, authoritarianism, electoral and party politics, gender, digital media and mass movement in Asia.

Students requesting reference letter from Dr. Netina Tan, please refer to guidelines here: Dr. Netina Tan Reference Letter Guidelines

Honours and Awards

  • 2016-8 SSHRC Insight Development Grant for project on Electoral Integrity in East and Southeast Asia.
  • 2011 Winner, Vincent Lemieux Prize for Best Dissertation Submitted in a Canadian University in 2009-2010.
  • 2011-2 Social Science and Humanities Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Toronto.
  • 2011 Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Research Fellowship.
  • 2010-1 Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office Graduate Fellowship.
  • 2008 Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, Academy of Korean Studies, South Korea (Declined).
  • 2007 Dissertation Fellowship, Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, Taiwan.
  • 2007 Visiting Research Associate, S. Rajaratnam School of Int Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.


  • 2014: Asia-Canada: Transnational Collaborative Research Conference, 4 Apr
An exciting inter-disciplinary conference funded by Forward with Integrity brought together faculty and students at McMaster University to collaborate and deepen our understanding of Asia. For more information, visit Asian Research Working Group website or email:

  • 2013: Asian Research Working Group (ARWG) 
Supported by the Forward With Integrity initiative, the Asian Research Working Group (ARWG) aims to build a community of scholars who work on Asia in McMaster. This working group will promote interdisciplinary dialogue, collaboration and explore the creation of an Asian Research Centre. To participate in the ARWG, please send your email address and put "subscribe to ARWG list" on the subject..
  • 2013: Political Representation of Women in Asia Workshop, 3-5 Oct.
A 3-day workshop supported by American Council of Learned Societies and Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange features a fantastic line up of scholars on electoral and gender politics. Programme here.


Ph.D., Political Science, University of British Columbia

M.A., Political Science, University of Regina

M.A., Southeast Asian Studies, National University of Singapore

B.A., Political Science and Sociology, National University of Singapore


  • Poli Sci 3H03: Honours Issues in Comparative Politics (Authoritarianism) 
  • Poli Sci 3LC3: Southeast Asian Politics
  • Poli Sci 4KC3: Comparative Democratization
  • Poli Sci 740: Theories of Comparative Politics
  • Poli Sci 716*: Comparative Authoritarianism (NEW COURSE FOR 2016-7)


Research Funding

  • 2016-8: SSHRC Insight Development Grant, "Electoral Integrity in East and Southeast Asia".
  • 2016: McMaster IQ2 Seed Fund, "Electoral Integrity and Digital Innovation in East and Southeast Asia".
  • 2015: McMaster International Initiatives Micro Fund, "Electoral Integrity and Digital Innovation in East Asia".
  • 2014: McMaster Arts Research Board Grant, "Social Media and Opposition Mobilization in Electoral Authoritarian Regimes".
  • 2013-4: Forward With Integrity Grant and Deans of Social Sciences, Humanities, Health Sciences and Business for Asia-Canada: Transnational Collaborative Research Conference, 4 Apr 2014, McMaster University.
  • 2013: American Council of Learned Societies and Chiang Ching-kuo for International Scholarly Exchange and McMaster Provost Office and VP Research Office for Political Representation of Women in Asia Workshop, 3-5 Oct 2013, McMaster University.

Special Journal Issues

  1. 2016. Guest Editor. Special Section on "Gender Reforms, Quotas and Women's Political Representation in Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore", Pacific Affairs (89:2): 84 pp.
  2. 2015. Guest Editor. Critical Perspectives on “Quotas and Non-Quota Strategies in East Asia.” Politics and Gender 11(01): 46 pp.

Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

  1. 2016. “Pre-Electoral Manipulation, Gerrymandering and Its Effects on Singapore’s 2015 GE,” in Voting in Change: Politics of Singapore's 2015 General Election, edited by Terence Lee and Kevin Tan, 169-190. Singapore: Ethos Book.  
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Op-Eds and Reports

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Book Reviews

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