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Human evolution, variation, and classification especially through measurement and observation

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How individuals, organizations and governments compete for, divvy up, and make choice about scarce resources

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Geography & Environmental Studies

The relationships between people, places and the planet

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Health, Aging & Society

The unique challenges and opportunities health and aging has on our global societies

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Indigenous Studies

Experience the richness of Indigenous knowledge and cultures

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Institute on Globalization & the Human Condition

Interdisciplinary research examining the complex political, social, economic, cultural, discursive and theoretical developments related to processes of globalization

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Labour Studies

An interdisciplinary field of study distinguished by its focus on work and workers' organizations

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Political Science

Branch of knowledge that deals with systems of government; the analysis of political activity and behavior

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Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour

The scientific study of the brain and behaviour

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Religious Studies

Multi-disciplinary, secular study of religious beliefs, behaviors, and institutions

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Social Psychology

Social interactions, including their origins and their effects on the individual

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Social Work

The understanding and transformation of injustices in social institutions

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The study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society

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Water Without Borders

A collaborative graduate program in water, environment and health between McMaster University and the United Nations University – International Network on Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH)

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