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Dr. Marisa Young, Sociology 3HH3: Sociology of Health (approximately 50 students)

Roughly 30 minutes out of every 2½ hour class was devoted to active-learning activities in her class.  Students were organized into groups, and their main activity was formulating a summary of findings related to the weekly topic.  Each group then presented their summary to the rest of the class, making use of the projection technology in the room.

Dr. Young developed these active-learning activities in consultation with colleagues who had previously used the ALCs.  She found the biggest challenge was getting all students to participate in the group-based activities.  The technology itself did not present any problems when doing the activities.

In terms of evaluating student participation, each group was required to send her an email after the activity, in which the group would document who made which comments. She also supervised the groups to see who was contributing and kept track of quantity and quality of participation.

Her advice for other instructors who want to employ her type of activity is to have each group prepare presentations for the day of the class, rather than have ad hoc breakout sessions. She felt that students were sometimes awkward with one another.

photo of Marisa Young

Marisa Young

Ph.D. Sociology, University of Toronto2013

Associate Professor