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The McMaster Experience

Advice from McMaster instructors on using Active Learning Classrooms.

Dr. Melanie Heath

Dr. Melanie Health, Sociology 4QQ3: Women, Sexuality, and the Welfare State (approximately 35 students)

Dr. Phillipa Chong

Dr. Phillipa Chong, Sociology 2RR3: Case Studies of Social Inequality (approximately 50 students)

Dr. Andy Roddick

Anthropology 2RP3: Religion and Power in the Past (approximately 100 students)

Andrew Knight-Messenger

Andrew Knight-Messenger, Social Sciences 1SS3: Inquiry in the Social Sciences (approximately 30 students)

Julie Gouweloos

Julie Gouweloos, Social Sciences 1SS3: Inquiry in the Social Sciences (approximately 30 students)

Dr. Katherine Boothe

Dr. Katherine Boothe, Political Science 2M03: Comparative Politics of Advanced Industrial Nations (approximately 75 students)

Dr. Lisa Kaida

Dr. Lisa Kaida, Sociology 2Z03: Introduction to Sociological Research (approximately 70 students)

Dr. Andrew Gilbert

Dr. Andrew Gilbert, Anthropology 3PH3: Dissent, Power and History (approximately 40 students)

Dr. Gary C. Dumbrill

Dr. Gary C. Dumbrill, Social Work 2BB3 Anti-Oppression (approximately 76 students); 4W03 Child Welfare (approximately 40 students), Social Work 4SA3 Critical Child Welfare: From Theory to Practice (10 students plus community collaborators).

Dr. Tina Fetner

Dr. Tina Fetner, Sociology 4DD3: Social Movements and Social Change (approximately 25 students)

Dr. Marisa Young

Dr. Marisa Young, Sociology 3HH3: Sociology of Health (approximately 50 students)

Dr. Robert O’Brien

Dr. Robert O’Brien, Political Science 3B03: Political Economy of Climate Change (approximately 75 students)

Other Universities

The following universities have extensive experience with active-learning classrooms. Their sites provide extensive information ranging from classroom configuration to the evaluation of the learning process:

Video Resources

The following are a just a few of many videos available on the topic of flipped classrooms. Most provide a quick overview of what flipped classrooms look like, and how the pedagogy differs from the traditional classroom.

Sample Syllabi

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