Benefits to the Partners

The relationship between the partners is one of shared and mutual benefit.

Benefits to AMREF-Kenya and it's collaborating partners include:

  • the exchange of evidence through the "Research and Evaluation, Forum Loop" will enhance the capacity of other local/regional Kenyan and regional NGOs in their designing of health and development programs; and
  • research and evaluation of ongoing programs will be published, providing "lessons learned" and an "enabling resource" for NGOs in the program planning process.

Benefits to McMaster University faculty and students are:

  • McMaster University faculty and students will be afforded the unique opportunity to interact with persons from health NGOs in Kenya. These experiences will influence how they view health and development processes -- i.e., field- and community-based experiences will temper theoretical explanations -- and will occur in a learning context of equality and "shared and mutual benefit"; and
  • these experience will result in the advancement of health and development models and processes relevant not only in Africa, but to other world regions that experience similar priority concerns.

Benefits to AMREF-Canada include:

  • health and development "lessons learned" will be used in development education fora, workshops, and conferences held with Canadian-based health NGOs. Furthermore, it is expected that ongoing, interactive, and critical communications between Canadian health and development NGOs will result in new NGO partnerships and collaboration in Canada.

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