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The Politics of Desire: Engaging the "Present" through Various Domains of the Sociopolitical, Economical, and the Aesthetics

This interdisciplinary course explores the politics of desire during turbulent times in the current global neoliberal economic onslaught, witnessed by the proliferation of politics and protestations in various places that promise change in contexts that resist it. Taking "desire" as an open conceptual domain that brings together the affective and the (ir)rational, the philosophical and the psychological, the personal and the public, the present and the future, or in Reinhard Kosseleck’s grim but still felicitous phrase, desires that “are now futures past,” this course will explore the construction of human conditions of what people want, what they imagine as beneficial, and what they strive for through the fields of politics, economy, philosophical, and the aesthetic. We will analyze and deconstruct the illusionary homogenized politics of desire as manufactured by the state and transnational institutions; and the heterogeneous politics of desire as mediated through quotidian expressions and other grass root social movements represented or unrepresented in the so-called public sphere. A major concern of this course is the relationships among political power, the production of subject(ivities), and the potential, if any, horizons of imaginative future. In other words, how is the imagination our ultimate sustainable resources and hopes?


Unit(s): 3.0 Level(s): Graduate Term(s): Offered?: No Language?: No