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Book Cover: People of the Moose River Basin

Professor Emeritus Dr. Richard Preston publishes book: "People of the Moose River Basin"

Dr. Richard Preston began research on the James Bay Cree in 1963 and is continuing to this day. The current work has been as part of a Moose Cree team (with Jennifer Simard, Stan Louttit, Jocelyn Cheechoo, and John Long) writing a history aimed for grade 6 students and anyone else we can interest in reading a non-academic, generously illustrated “people’s history” with first person accounts from Native and non-Native residents of the region. His other work is on violence reduction and peace building, focussed on creating peace in families, communities, nations and the world - understanding peace in its broad context - a much more complex idea than just the absence of war.

Jun 17, 2021

From the Moose Cree website:

" People of the Moose River Basin is a people’s history written by over 40 of the people who have called it home. Its purpose is for them to pass of stories to the younger people.

They have lived during a period when major, healthy rivers had been dammed and polluted for hydro power; forests had been harvested for The New York Times newsprint; and mines had been built for extracting wealth from underground.During this time, the old fur-trading posts became towns that are homes for the younger people, where for the Elders, home was the bush. So much has changed, and now it is not only Ililiwak (Cree) and Anishinaabe (Ojibwa) people living here.

We invite the new generations to learn how things like schools, their towns, and their daily activities got this way. And we invite them to plan for generations to come."

The public will be able to order the book at a later date (check website above). For more in formation about Dr. Preston visit his website here.