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Take a Spring or Summer course in Anthropology!

Take spring and summer courses for interest, to fulfill a requirement, or to ease your workload next year.

Mar 29, 2017

Spring Anthropology Courses

1AA3 Introduction to Anthropology: Sex, Food and Death Tu, Th 6:30-9:30
2F03 Cultural Anthropology Tu, Th 6:30-9:30
2FF3 Human Skeletal Biology & Bioarchaeology Tu, Th 1:00-4:00
2PC3 Archaeology & Popular Culture Mo, We 6:30-9:30
3CC6 Archaeological Field School- Coote's Paradise Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr 9:00-4:00 CANCELLED

Summer Anthropology Courses

1AB3 Introduction to Anthropology: Race, Religion, Conflict Mo, We 6:30-9:30
2R03 Religion, Magic & Witchcraft Mo, We 6:30-9:30
2U03 Plagues & People Tu, Th 6:30-9:30
3FA3 Forensic Anthropology Tu, 6:30-9:30