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Theses awarded in Archaeology

Archaeology MA Theses (Since 1990)

Wildenstein, Roxanne
2018  Intensification of a Lapita fishery at the Hopoate site on Tongatapu, Kingdom of Tonga

Reilly, Sophie E.
2017  Meals in Motion: Ceramic and Botanical Investigations of Foodways in the Late Formative and Tiwanaku IV/V, Lake Titicaca Basin, Bolivia

Wallace, Peter
2017  Lime Plaster Use at Late Bronze Age Kalavasos-Ayios Dhimitrios (Cyprus): Evidence for Application-Specfiic Recipes and the Creation of Social Space

Rivas-Tello, Daiana
2017  Putting Pottery in Place: A Social Landscape Perspective on the Late Formative Upper Desaguadero Valley, Bolivia 

Berube, Eloi
2017  Mixtec Foodways in Achiutla: Continuity Through Time.  A Paleoethnobotanical Study Comparing the Postclassic and Early Colonial Diet

Carter, Kari
2016  Phosphate as an indicator of occupational intensity at shell midden sites on the central coast of British Columbia 

Batist, Zachary
2014  Obsidian Circulation Networks in Southwest Asia and Anatolia (12,000 - 5700 B.P.): A Comparative Approach 

Zepf, Lena
2014  The Middle and Late Woodland transition in southern Ontario: smoking culture as an index of social change in the context of sedentism

Schumacher, Jennifer S.
2013  Exploring Technological Style and Use in the Ontario Early Late Woodland: The Van Besien Site 

Cook, Katherine
2011  Deathscapes:  Memory, Heritage and Place in Cemetery History

Densmore, Nadia
2010  An Archaeological Assessment of Fisheries in Vava'u, Tonga

Chenier, Ani
2009  Negotiations of Individual and Community Identity: A Study of Chinese-Canadian Mortuary Material Culture in Vancouver and Victoria, 1920-1960.

Holt, Sarah
2009  Individuals and Variation: Stable Isotope Analysis of Weaning

DeGagne, Andrea
2009  Discerning Domestic Space in a Palaeo-Eskimo Structure from Interior Baffin Island.

MacDonald, Brandi
2008  Ochre Procurement and Distribution on the Central Coast of British Columbia.

de Schiffart, Nicole
2007  Representing Remarriage on 19th and Early 20th Century Burial Monuments in Southwestern Ontario.

Holterman, Carrie
2007 The Fonger Site:  A Case Study of Neutral Ceramic Technology.

Ewonus, Paul
2006 The Social Economy of a Northwest Coast Plank House in Perspective.

Cluney, Christine
2005 Patterns of Marine Fauna Use in Ceramic Age Antigua, West Indies.

Burchell, Meghan
2003 Gender and Status Representation in Northwest Coast Burials.

Megginson, Mary Jo
2000 Through Thick and Thin: A Regional Comparison of Harpoon Heads from Thule Sites in Nunavut, Canada.

Ryan, Karen
2000 The Early Palaeoeskimo Period in the Eastern Arctic and the Labrador Early Pre-Dorset Period: A Reassessment.

Muller, Joseph
1999 The McLeod Site: A Small Paleo-Indian Occupation in Southwestern Ontario.

Smith, Patricia
1998 When Small Pots Speak, the Stories They Tell: The Role of Children in Ceramic Innovation in Prehistoric Huron Society as Seen Through the Analysis of Juvenile Pots.

Neill, Christopher
1998 Intersocietal Interaction on the Northwest Mesoamerican Frontier.

Lister, Kenneth
1996 Fishing Stations and the Low Country: A Contribution to Hudson Bay Lowland Ethnohistory.

Read, Christopher J.
1996 Monuments in a Landscape: An Analysis of the Placement of Monuments in the Landscape of the Lower Barrow River Valley 4500BC to AD1500

Edelstein, Ruth
1995 Obsidian Exploitation and Political Economic Dynamics on the Classic Period Through Colonial Era Central Plateau: An Analysis of a Lithic Collection from Cholula, Puebla, Mexico.

Volterra, Vito
1994 Dating and Provenancing of Sherds from Five Balsam Lake Area Sites.

Young, Penelope M.
1993 Gods and Glyphs: The Jalieza Urns and Classic/Postclassic Period social organisation in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Racher, Paul J.
1992 The Archaeologist's 'Indian': Narrativity and Representation in Archaeological Discourse.

Varley, Colin D.
1991 Variations on a Theme:  The Carson Site and Its Implications For a Re-evaluation of the LaLonde Focus.

Fisher, Jacqueline
1990 The Adder Orchard Site (AgHk-16):  Lithic Technology and Spatial Organization in the Broadpoint Late Archaic.

Reed, Patricia
1990 The MacLeod Site (A1Gr-1) and a Preliminary Delineation of the Lake Ontario Iroquois.

Smith, Angela P.
1990 Are Settlement Patterns Enough?  The Re-Evaluation of Assumptions Concerning A Huron Chief's House Using Assemblage Variation and Artifact Distribution Analyses.

Wilson, Jim A.
1990 The Boresma Site:  A Middle Woodland Base Camp in the Thames River Valley.


Archaeology PhD Theses (Since 1990)

Woolsey, Cora
2018  A Historial Approach to Shifting Technologies of Ceramic Manufacture at Gaspereau Lake, Kings County, Nova Scotia

Dogiama, Triantafyllia
2017  Points of Reference: Projectile Points, Hunting and Identity at the Neolithic Catalhoyuk, Turkey

MacDonald, Brandi Lee
2015  Methodological Developments for the Geochemical Analysis of Ochre from Archaeological Contexts: Case Studies from British Columbia and Ontario, Canada (December 2015)

Freund, Kyle
2014  A Multi-Scalar Analysis of the Politics Of Obsidian Consumption in the West Mediterranean (ca. 6th - 2nd millennia B.C.) 

Burchell, Meghan
2013 Shellfish Harvest on the Coast of British Columbia:  The Archaeology of Settlement and Subsistence Through High-Resolution Stable Isotope Analysis and Sclerochronology

Patterson, Catherine
2013 The Heritage of Life and Death in Historic Family Cemeteries of Niagara, Ontario

2011 The Mountains and Rocks are Forever: Lithics and Landscapes of SKWXWÚ7MESH UXWUMIXW

Birch, Jennifer
2010 Coalescent Communities in Iroquoian Ontario

Ferris, Neal
2006 In Their Time: Archaeological Histories of Native-Lived Contacts and Colonialisms, Southwestern Ontario A.D. 1400-1900

Bathurst, Rhonda
2005 Health and Settlement Implications of Parasites from Pacific Northwest Coast Archaeological Sites.

Milne, S. Brooke
2003 Peopling the Pre-Dorset Past: A Multi-Scalar Study of Early Arctic Lithic Technology and Seasonal Land Use Patterns on Southern Baffin Island.

Sunahara, Kay
2003 Ancient Maya Ceramic Economy in the Belize River Valley.

Coyston, Shannon
2002 Noble Chemists and Archaeologists: Chemical Analyses of Food Residues from Ancient Maya Vessels.

Cross, Sarah
2001 Changing Places: Landscape and Mortuary Practice in the Irish Middle Bronze Age.

Volterra, Vito
2000 A Tale of Four Caves: ESR Dating of Mousterian Layers at Iberian Archaeological Sites.

Prince, Paul
1998 Settlement, Trade and Social Ranking at Kitwanga.

Rankin, Lisa
1998 Historical Context and the Forager/Farmer Frontier: Re-Interpretting the Nodwell Site.

Murray, Maribeth
1997 Economic Change in the Palaeoeskimo Prehistory of the Foxe Basin, N.W.T.

Sutton, Richard
1996 The Middle Iroquoian Colonization of Huronia.