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Theses awarded in Cultural Anthropology

Cultural Anthropology MA Theses (Since 1990)

Karrel, Miriam
2018 An Exploration of Death Cafes in Canada

Del Rio, Fiona
2017 Conceptualizing Climate Activism and Exploring the People's Climate Movement

Manitowabi, Joshua
2017 It Sometimes Speaks To Us

Mayell, Stephanie
2016 Up-rooted Lives, Deep-rooted Memories: Stress and Resilience among Jamaican Agricultural Workers in Southern Ontario

Da Silva, Stephanie
2013 "In My Heart I am Portuguese": Perspectives on Portuguese Migration, Identity and Religion in Hamilton, Ontario

George, Meghna
2012 Laughing in Circles: Exploring the Relationship Between Politically Correct Discourses and Stand-Up Comedy in Toronto

Juric, Dorian
2010  A Treatise on the South Slavic Vila

McGregor, Roberta
2009  Weaving Culture in Sambaak'e.

Waddell, Laura
2009  The Living Church: Mapping a Community of Faith in Rural Prince Edward Island during Parish Restructuring.

Kelly, Evadne
2008  The Communication of Sensation and Affect Amongst Dancers.

Viljasoo, Kristene
2008  The Life of Stories: Narratives of Front Line Shelter Work.

Miller, Jaimy
2007 Who Can Make a Land Claim?  Identity and the Papaschase Band.

Skye, Jairus
2006 An Orchid in the Swamp: Traditional Medicine, Healing, and Identity at an Urban Aboriginal Community Health Center.

Armstrong, Justin
2006 The Contested Gallery: Street Art as Resistance.

Porth, Emily
2005 Healing Through the Holy Spirit: Contesting Catholicisms and Communitas at a Canadian Catholic Pilgrimage Shrine.

de Laat, Sonya
2003 "Shock Packs”: Audience Responses to Health Canada’s Graphic-Image Health-Warning Labels on Tobacco Product Packaging.

Hayes, Nicole
2002 Insiders and Outsiders: Boundary Maintenance and the Construction of Identity Among Youth Travellers in Whistler, British Columbia.

Khasnabish, Alex
2001 “The Wind from Below”: The Zapatista Movement and Independent Unionism in Mexico.

Manitowabi, Darrel
2001 Implementing Sustainable Tourism Development: A Sheguiandah First Nation Case Study.

MacKay, Kevin
2000 Managing Discourse: Medical Heresy, Integrative Medicine, and the Therapeutic Touch Debate.

Kleinhuber, Andrea
2000 The (Dis)comforts of Belonging: Feminist Negotiations of German Identity.

Walker, Susan
1999 Many Voices in Dialogue: Translating Research Evidence into Community-Based HIV Interventions.

Ranford, Jennifer
1998 Exploring the Past, Present and Future of Traditional Native Healing in Southwestern and South-Central Ontario.

Patterson, David
1998 Subcortical Processing of Auditory Stimuli in the Profoundly Deaf: Cultural and Educational Implications.

Goetze, Tara
1998 Reaching for New Perspectives on Co-Management with First Nations: Exploring the Possibilities for Conflict Management, Indigenous Rights, and Systemic Change under the Interim Measures Agreement in Clayoquot Sound, B.C.

Gal, Christina
1998 Breaking With Tradition: Female Genital Mutilation or Female Circumcision Among Canadian-Somalis in Southern Ontario.

Gwatirisa, Paulene
1998 The Construction of Risk in Childbirth in Rural Zimbabwe: The Case of Traditional Midwifery.

Azzarello, Mary Ann
1997 The Role of Health Care Services in Isolation of the Elders of Moose Factory Ontario.

Cushing, Pamela
1997 Golden Feathers: Exploring the Cultural Dimentions of Transformation on Outward Bound Courses.

Stein, Adrienne
1996 Art, Ethnicity and Cultural Change: First Nations Art in the Age of Modernity.

Dawson, Jennifer
1995 Here to Stay, Gone Tomorrow: Working as a Service Provider in Mooseonee and Moose Factory.

Trollope, Karen
1995 “Danger” and the “Dangerous Case”: Divergent Realities in the Therapeutic Practice of Traditional Birth Attendants in Garhwal, India.

Epp, Timothy
1994 Ethnic Identity as Process: In- and Out-group Perceptions of Scots in Hamilton.

Schuurman, Lisa
1994 "Fenced In": Horden Hall Residential School at Moose Factory.

Renault, Wendy
1993 The Known and the Unknown:  An Exploration of Attitudes Towards Death, Dying, and Grieving.

Truscott, Deborah J.
1993 Culturally Sensitive Palliative Care for Native Seniors: A Case Study.

Clarke, Judith A.
1992 On Their Own Terms: Health Perceptions of Urban Native People.

Hughes, Christine R.
1992 "You Never Get Lonely Here":  Community Creation in a Seniors' Housing Co-Operative.

Wilson, Illah P.
1992 Metanarrative and Media: Retrospective on the Montreal Massacre.

Logotheti, Argyro Rula
1991 Six Moose Factory Cree Life Histories:  The Negotiation of Self and the Maintenance of Culture.

Cultural Anthropology PhD Theses (Since 1990)

Juric, Dorian
2019  Singing the Vila: Supernatural Beings in the Context of their Traditions

Plett, Rebecca
2017  In the World and of It: Russian Mennonites and Narratives of Community in Contemporary Canada

Yang, Tian
2015  Assessing Heritage, Tradition, and Identity:Anthropological Research among the Jurchen People of Wanyan Village

Lockerbie, Stacy
2014 Making Motherhood: Exploring Transnational Adoption Practices Between Canada and China 

Sage, Vanessa E.
2013 Arts in the City: Visions of James Street North, 2005-2011  

Brown, Heather
2012 Visualizing Uncertainty: Opposition to Islam in the Netherlands Through the Lens of Fitna: The Movie 

Skye, Jairus
2012 Urban Aboriginal Health: Issues, Culturally Appropriate Solutions and the Embodiment of Self-Determination

Strachan, Laura
2012 The Bedouin Know! Using Local Knowledge to Understand the Effects of Development at the Wadi Rum Protected Area in Southern Jordan

Mossman, Kathryn
2011  Aspirations for Senegal:  Exploring International NGO Connections

Geer, Sacha
2010  Conjuring and Avoiding the "Bad Man":  Narratives of Crime and Fear in Trinidad

Armstrong, Justin
2010  Lives Once Lived:  ethnography and sense of place in the abandoned and isolated spaces of North America

McCutcheon, Richard
2009  The US/UK - Iraq War, 1991-2003: How a Process Model of Violence Illuminates War.

Scarangella, Linda
2008 Spectacular Native Performances: From the Wild West to the Tourist Site, nineteenth century to the present.

White, Amanda
2007 From Servitude to Dignity:  Belinging in the “New” Europe.

Levy, Jennifer
2007 “Knowing My Status” and the PMTCT Program:  Preservation of Life Strategies Post HIV Diagnosis.

Maar, Marion
2006 From Self-Determination to Community Health Empowerment: Aboriginal Health Services on Manitoulin Island.

Finnis, Elizabeth
2006 The Political Ecology of Crop Commercialization and Dietary Change in the Kolli Hills, South India.

Khasnabish, Alex
2006 “You Will No Longer Be you, Now you Are Us”: Zapatismo, Transnational Activism, and the Political Imagination.

McCarthy, Theresa
2006 “it isn’t easy”: The Politics of Representation, “Factionalism”, and Anthropology in Promoting Haudenosaunee Traditionalism at Six Nations.

Goetze, Tara
2005 Muddy Waters: Conservation Discourse and the Politics of Power in Marine Park Co-Management in Belize.

Sunday, Julie
2005 Expanding Borders: Creating Latitude for Hungarian-Minority Autonomy in Transylvania, Romania and a New Europe.

Balazs Dunlop, Shanna
2004 Carving Self-Identity: Contemporary Hopi Katsina Doll Carving as Cultural Expression.

Blaser, Mario
2003 Governmentalities and Authorized Imaginations: A (non-Modern) Story About Indians, Nature, and Development.

Cushing, Pamela
2003 Shaping the Moral Imagination of Caregivers: Disability, Difference and Inequality in L’Arche.

Truscott, Deborah
2003 Physician Ranking of Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Domains.

Danyluk, Angie
2002 Caught Between Worlds: An Ethnography of Western Tibetan Buddhists in Toronto.

Buddle-Crowe, Kathleen
2002 From Birchbark Talk to Digital Dreamspeaking: A History of Aboriginal Media Activism in Canada.

Proulx, Craig
2002 Re-Claiming Justice and Community: The Community Council Project of Toronto.

Silverstein, Cory
2001 Clothed Encounters: The Power of Dress in Relations Between Anishnaabe and British Peoples, 1760-2000.

Trollope-Kumar, Karen
2001 Speaking Through the Body: Leukorrhea as a Bodily Idiom of Communication in Garhwal, India.

Koenig, Edwin
2000 Native Fishing Conflicts on the Saugeen-Bruce Peninsula.

Habib, Jasmin
1999 Imagining Israel, Belonging in Diaspora: North American Jews’ Reflections on Israel as Homeland, Nation, and Nation-State.

Barron Hoyle, Marcia
1999 Finding Our Way: Paths to Justice Reform in an Aboriginal Community.

Larkin, Sherrie
1998 “‘Workin’ on the contract’: St. Lucian Farmworkers in Ontario. A Study of International Labour Migration”.

Russell, Wendy
1998 Regaining Control: Community Development and Self-Determination in Fort Albany First Nation.

O’Neill, Thomas
1997 Carpets Markets and Makers: Culture and Entrepreneurship in the Tibeto-Nepalese Carpet Industry.

Evans, Michael
1996 Gifts and Commodities on a Tongan Atoll: Intention and Action in a Mirab Economy

Miller, Anne
1996 Pioneer, Oldtimer, Newcomer: Place and the Construction of Collective Identity Labels among Northern Vancouver Island Women.

Nakonechny, Joanne
1996 Knowledge Transmission: Teachers’ Expectations and Assumptions in the Post-Secondary System.

Peers, Laura
1996 “Playing Ourselves”: Native Histories, Native Interpreters, and Living History Sites.

Hill, Dawn
1995 Lubicon Lake Nation: Spirit of Resistance.

Luther, Eudene
1995 Development and Resistance: Rural Resistance to Economic Development Practices in Western Samoa.

Spittal, Patricia
1995 Deadly Choices: Women’s Risk for HIV Transmission in A Truck Stop - Trading Centre in Rural Southwestern Uganda.

de Freitas, Patricia
1994 "Playing Mas": The Construction and Deconstruction of National Identity in Trinidad Carnival.

Fulford, George
1994 Cree Children's Drawings.

Justice, Christopher
1994 The Good Death in Kashi: Process and Experiences of the Pilgrimage to Die in the Hindu Holy City.

Kanato, Manop
1994 Commercial Sex Workers and HIV/AIDS In Khon Kaen, Thailand.

Oberholtzer, Catherine
1994 Together We Survive: East Cree Material Culture.

Reimer, Gwen
1994 Community Participation in Research and Development: A Case Study from Pangnirtung, Northwest Territories.

St. Christian, Douglass
1994 body/work: Aspects of Embodiment and Culture in Western Samoa.

Coumans, Catherine
1993 Building Basic Christian Communities:  Religion, Symbolism and Ideology in a National Movement to Change Local Level Power in the Philippines.

Roseman, Sharon
1993 Santiago de Carreira: Stories of Labour in a Community of Spanish Galician Worker-Peasants.

Cummins, Bryan
1992 Attawapiskat Cree Land Tenure and Use 1901 - 1989.

Fife, Wayne
1992 A Certain Kind of Education:  Education, Culture and Society in West New Britain.

Szala-Meneok, Karen V.
1992 Time and Contingency:  Temporal Organization in Southern Labrador.

Lovisek, Joan A.M.
1991 Ethnohistory of The Algonkian Speaking People of Georgian Bay -- Precontact to 1850.

Migliore, Sam
1991 Stress, Distress, and 'Nerves':  A Sicilian-Canadian Idiom of Distress.

Simeone, William
1991 Identity, History and the Northern Athabaskan Potlatch.