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Theses awarded in Biological Anthropology

Biological Anthropology MA Theses (Since 1990)

Peacock, Taylor
2019 City, Town and Village: An Intra and Inter Site Analysis of Long Bone and Rib Fractures at Five Settlements in the Western Roman Empire

Smith, Taylor
2018 Individual breastfeeding and weaning histories in a 19th century Spanish sample using stable isotope analysis of incremental dentine sections

Jennings, Emma
2017 Analysis of Trauma Patterns and Post-Traumatic Time Interval in a Late Romano-British and Spanish Context

Avery, L Creighton
2016 An Analysis of Dental Health in Relation to Sex and Social Status at Roman Winchester

Wei, Xuan
2016 An evaluation of "old age" traits in transition analysis and mandibular ridge resorption in age estimation of older individuals

Semchuk, Lisa
2016 A Stable Isotope Investigation of Diet at Vagnari

Timmins, Sarah
2016  Subadult Growth and Rickets from a Late Roman and Merovingian Period Context in Lisieux, France 

Ingram, Joelle 
2015 Activity and Aging in Adult Males: Investigation of Entheses and Cortical Bone from the Site of Lisieux-Michelet in Northern France 

Schattmann, Annabelle F.
2015  The Co-Occurrence of Scurvy and Rickets in 16th to 18th Century Skeletal Material from Douai, France 

Casaca, Lia
2014  Taphonomy: What About the Small Bones, Long Bones, and Cranial Bones? A Study of the Representation and Weathering of Human Remains from the Battle of Stoney Creek during the War of 1812 

D’Ortenzio, Lori L.
2013  You are not what you eat during stress: An Isotopic Evaluation of Human Hair from Belleville, Ontario

Emery, Matthew
2012 A Stable Isotopic Invesigation of the Smith's Knoll Sample

Lockau, Laura
2012 Bioarchealogical Analysis of Trauma in an Skeletal sample from Smith's Knoll Historic Cemetary

Chan, Andrea
2007  Sexual Dimorphism of Modern Deciduous Tooth Crown Tissues.

Kluge, Hagen
2007 In Search of Clarity:  A Comparison of Current and Novel Measurement Techniques Involved in the Description of Age-related Transparent Root Dentine in the Human Permanent Dentition.

Stoops, Melissa
2006 Health Conditions at Norway House Residential School, 1900-1946.

Bos, Kirsti
2004 Trinitapoli: A Demographic Analysis and Palaeopathological Survey of a Skeletal Population Recovered from a Middle Bronze Age Archaeological Site in Southern Italy.

Galloway, Tracey
2002 Mobility and Health in Beasley Neighborhood Hamilton, Ontario.

Blyschak, Kristina
2001 The Neonatal Line in Human Deciduous Enamel: A Neonatal Line is a Neonatal Line is a Neonatal Line.

Jebreen, Peter
2001 Was St. Paul’s Bay Disease Endemic Syphilis?

Crinnion, Catherine
2001 Examination of the Link Between Social Roles and Dental Health: A Study Among Three Iroquoian Ossuary Populations.

Torchetti, Tracy
1999 Hazardous Taste: Perceptions of Diet, Health, and the Environment Among a Group of Vietnamese in Canada.

Beckett, Kristen
1998 Investigating Disease Experience in Aboriginal Populations in Canada: The 1918 Influenza Pandemic in Berens River and Poplar River, Manitoba.

Gray, Alison
1997 Infant Mortality in Mid-nineteenth Century Southern Ontario: Dundas and Stamford Townships.

Garlie, Todd
1995 Radiographic Analysis of Facial Soft Tissue from a Subadult Population: An Aid to Forensic Facial Reproduction.

Bensabat, Myriam
1994 Mellahs, Merchants, and Models of Jewish Community Life in Mogador.  1878 5o 1936: An Ethnohistorical Analysis.

Denning, Kathryn
1994 On the Study of Health in Prehistory.

Moffat, Tina
1992 Infant Mortality in an Aboriginal Community:  An Historical and Biocultural Analysis.

Gibbs, Linda May
1991 What's Sex in the East is Not Necessarily Sex in the West:  Citrate, Sex and Human Skeletal Remains.

Jimenez, Susan B.
1991 Analysis of Patterns of Injury and Disease in an Historic Skeletal Sample from Belleville, Ontario.

Rogers, Tracy L.
1991 Sex Determination and Age Estimation:  Skeletal Evidence from St. Thomas' Cemetery Belleville, Ontario.

Southern, Rebecca A.
1990 Cortical Bone Quality Among Pre-Iroquoian and Iroquoian Populations of the Lower Great Lakes Region.

Biological Anthropology PhD Theses (Since 1990)

D'Ortenzio, Lori
2018 Tooth Tales: What Internal Dental Structures Reveal About Visiting Vitamin D Deficiency and Age Estimation

Lockau, Laura
2018 Skeletal evidence for vitamin D deficiency and chronic respiratory infections across the life course at two Roman period sites

Emery, Matthew
2018 Assessing Migration and Demographic Change in pre-Roman and Roman Period Southern Italy Using Whole-Mitochondrial DNA and Stable Isotope Analysis

Gilmour, Rebecca
2017 Resilient Romans: Cross-Sectional Evidence for Long-Term Functional Consequences of Extremity Trauma.

Stark, Robert James
2017 Ancient lives in motion: A Bioarchaeological Examination of Stable Isotopes, Nonmetric Traits, and Human Mobility in an Imperial Roman Context (1ST-3RD C. CE)

Mant, Madeleine
2016  Slips, trips, falls, and brawls: Fractures of the working poor in London during the long eighteenth century

Marciniak, Stephanie-Marie
2016  Scourge of the Empire? Ancient Pathogen Genomics and the Biosocial Context of Malaria in Imperial Period Southern Italy (1st-4th c. A.D.) 

Devault, Alison
2014 Genomics of Ancient Pathogenic Bacteria: Novel Techniques & Extraordinary Substrates

Bos, Kirsten
2011  Genetic Investigations into the Black Death

Jacklin, Kristen
2007 Strength in Adversity:  Community Health and Healing in Wikwemikong.

Barta, Jodi
2007 Addressing Issues of Domestication and Cultural Continuity on the Northwest Coast using Dogs and Ancient DNA.

Cardoso, Hugo
2006 Patterns of Growth and Development of the Human Skeleton and Dentition in Relation to Environmental Quality.

von Hunnius, Tanya
2004 Applying Skeletal, Histological and Molecular Techniques to Syphilitic Skeletal Remains from the Past.

Albanese, Giovanni
2003 Identified Skeletal Reference Collections.

Prowse, Tracy
2001 Isotopic and Dental Evidence for Diet from Isola Sacra, Italy.

Abonyi, Sylvia
2001 Sickness and Symptom: Perspectives of Diabetes Among the Mushkegowuk Cree.

Garlie, Todd
2000 Stature, Mass, And Body Mass Index of Canadian Children.

Dupras, Tosha
1999 Dining in the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt: Determination of Diet Using Documents and Stable Isotope Analysis.

McVeigh, Clare
1999 Variability in Human Tooth Formation: A Comparison of Four Groups of Close Biological Affinity.

Dudar, Christopher
1999 Reconstructing Population History from Past Peoples using Ancient DNA and Historic Records Analysis: The Upper Canadian Pioneers and Land Resources.

Moffat, Tina
1998 Growing Up among the Looms: The Health and Nutrition of Children whose Mothers Work in the Carpet-making Industry in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Yang, Dongya
1998 DNA Diagnosis of Thalassemia from Ancient Italian Skeletons.

Hoppa, Robert
1996 Representativeness and Bias in Cemetery Samples: Implications for Paleodemographic Reconstruction from Skeletal Samples.

Keenleyside, Anne
1994 Skeletal Evidence of Health and Disease in Pre- and Post-contact Alaskan Eskimos and Aleuts.

Lazenby, Richard
1992 A Geometric and Microradiographic Study of Functional Adaptation in the Human Skeleton.