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Disrupting Debt and Austerity

Resistance Against Debt Since the Southern Debt Crisis

May 28, 2019

Another Tuesday, another new paper to post! This week we feature a piece by Christoph Sorg, a Doctoral Researcher from the Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences at Humboldt University in Berlin, titled, "Disrupting Debt and Austerity: Resistance Against Debt Since the Southern Debt Crisis".

Christoph discusses the ways that austerity measures have been met with a dynamic wave of protest in the past. The goal of his paper is to "situate debt-centred movements and the issue of debt within more or less recent anti-austerity struggles" (1). He unpacks contentious debt politics from both the Southern Debt Crisis as well as the North Atlantic Financial Crisis, and ends with a broader discussion asking his reader to consider what there is to learn from debt-centred movements.

We will be posting the PowerPoint that Christoph presented at our Berlin conference in the coming weeks.

If you would like to learn more about Christoph, check out his profile page, here:

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