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Populist Race

Neoliberalism Falling Behind, New Right Forging Ahead, Left Stumbling Along

Sep 17, 2019

Hello AltAusterity Readers! We just posted an innovative paper by Dr. Ingo Schmidt (Athabasca University) on right-wing populism and exactly why it is thriving. Ingo expertly looks at the divisions between globalists and sovereigntists, cosmopolitans and communitarians, and identity and class politics, respectively, so as to identify the causes of today's discontent.

He concludes by positing that these divisions reflect different aspects of the unmaking of old working classes advanced by neoliberal restructuring but also aspects of a possible making of new working classes.

You can find this paper under 'Ideas & Advocacy' on our Research Page.

If you would like to see more from Ingo, check out his faculty page, here:

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