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COVID-19 information and updates

Find the most recent updates here, as well as FAQs and information for students, faculty and staff.

Enrolment Questions?

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Enrolment FAQs

What if the course I want is full?

Seats may become available, should another student drop their seat; in this case a space would be open for you to enrol. You may also choose another course that has space available. Enrol as early as possible so your access to courses is optimized.


How many courses should I take each term?

Your course load should be balanced between fall and winter sessions. A full course load is typically five courses or 15 units per session. Your course selection may include a combination of 3 and 6 unit courses.


What does “Multi-Term” (MT) mean? How do I add a multi-term course?

The multi-term course typically runs from September to April, over both Fall (term A) and Winter (term B) sessions.

Students who enrol into the “A” course are automatically enrolled into the “B” course. If you choose to drop either the “A” or “B” course, both courses are dropped at the same time. Both “A” and “B” sections should appear in your schedule once you have confirmed enrolment.


What if I don’t want to complete a course anymore after it has started?

The last day for adding or dropping courses is approximately one week after classes begin for each term as outlined in the Undergraduate Calendar’s Sessional Dates. After this period, you may cancel courses until the last day for cancelling courses without failure by default. Cancelled courses will be shown on your transcript as “Cancelled”. A Cancellation Schedule that shows cancellation dates and fees is available from Student Accounts at:

After this date, you will remain registered in courses whether or not you attend classes. Your transcript will show a grade of F for any course not successfully completed.

It is your responsibility to drop courses in a timely manner within the deadline dates for the session. If you believe you are unable to continue the work in a course, then you must drop it on  Mosaic by the deadline dates. Not being aware of the deadline dates is not an excuse for missing a deadline. The only exceptions that will be made will be based on documented extenuating circumstances.


Complete Withdrawals

If for some reason you decide not to attend McMaster University after registering for courses, you must inform the Office of the Associate Dean of Social Sciences that you will no longer be attending. In addition, it is your responsibility to log into  Mosaic and drop all of your courses. If you do not drop the courses, they will remain on your student record, you will receive grades of F and you will be billed for your courses. This applies to both the Fall/Winter and the Spring/Summer sessions.


When is  Mosaic Available?

Mosaic is available and open 24 hours per day, on weekdays and weekends.