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Not Coming Straight form an Ontario High School?

Enrollment tips for out of province/out of country high school students, graduates of colleges of applied arts & technology, McMaster Centre for Continuing Education, university transfers and mature students

Enrolment Tips

Out of Province / Out of Country High School Students

High school students from outside of Ontario and from outside Canada may require course permission to enrol in a course which requires a high school prerequisite. While the majority of courses you will select as a Social Science I student do not have high school prerequisites, others such as Math, Science and Language courses may require prior preparation.

For example, the following level 1 courses require a Grade 12 or equivalent prerequisite:

Psychology 1XX3 Foundations of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour

Prerequisite: Grade 12 Biology U or credit or registration in one of Biology 1A03, 1M03, 1P03.

Mathematics 1M03 Calculus for Business, Humanities and the Social Sciences

Prerequisite: One of Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors U, MATH 1F03  or a grade of at least B- in MATH 1K03.


Please contact the Faculty of Social Sciences if you have questions related to your high school prerequisites. If the Faculty determines that a prerequisite has been met, permission will be coded for individual courses, allowing students to include them in their enrolment. This may take several days to complete. We strongly advise that you contact the Faculty as early as possible, as courses fill up quickly.


Graduates of College of Applied Arts & Technology (CAATS) / McMaster Centre for Continuing Education

Students admitted to McMaster University based on completion of a CAAT or McMaster CCE diploma may be eligible for transfer credit towards their undergraduate degree. All transfer credit is assessed at the time of admission. The amount of credit will depend on the length of your program and the grades received. The following scenarios are quite common:

Admission to Social Sciences 1 with 15 units of unspecified Level 1 transfer credit. Completion of Level 1 requires 30 units, and it is important to select the balance of your courses with a potential degree program in mind. All programs have course admission requirements, so be sure to refer to the program guide in this booklet for specific course details.

You may consider your transfer credit as electives and then take the specific course requirements for the potential degree programs you are considering.

Admission to Social Sciences 2 with 24 units of unspecified transfer credit might look something like this:

18 units of unspecified Level 1 transfer credit
6 units of unspecified Level 2 transfer credit

In certain cases, students entering from a CAAT may be assigned direct course equivalencies at the time of admission as part of their overall transfer credit (e.g., credit for SOCIOL 1A06). This recognizes that courses completed in a specific CAAT program are considered comparable to a McMaster University course. Direct course equivalency in your transfer credit may allow you to take upper-level courses which may require that course as a prerequisite.


University Transfer Students

University transfer students are advised to consult the Undergraduate calendar to confirm what courses are required to complete their McMaster degree. If you are considering a course with a high school prerequisite, you may be required to contact the Faculty of Social Sciences Office to determine if you have the academic background to take the course and to receive permission to facilitate enrolment in the course.


Mature Students

If you have not attended secondary school or college on a full-time basis for at least two years and you have never attended university, you may be admitted as a Mature Student. When selecting your first-year courses, always make sure you meet the prerequisites while considering your interests.

Choose courses based on what you think you would enjoy while meeting the requirements of the Social Sciences Level 1 program. At the same time, you may wish to think ahead to your possible degree program and select your courses with that in mind.