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Applying for a Level 2 Program

Social Sciences 1 acts as the gateway to your degree program. The most common requirement for entry to a Level 2 Social Sciences program is completion of any Level 1 program with 3 to 6 units of Level 1 courses in that subject. By selecting 3 to 6 units of courses in a number of different disciplines, you can increase your options for Level 2.

Step 1: Attend the Social Sciences Level 2 Showcase - March 8

Social Sciences will be holding a Level 2 Showcase where representatives from all 12 departments, Mohawk Certificate programsthe Office of Experiential Education and the Center for Continuing Education (CCE) will be on hand to answer your questions about applying for your program of choice. This is a great opportunity to discuss program options, specializations, academic requirements and possible post-grad opportunities.

The Level 2 Showcase takes place on March 8, 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. in L.R. Wilson Hall lobby.

Level 2 Guide 2018/19

Step 2. Apply to Level 2 Academic Plans on Mosaic Beginning April 2, 2018

All Level 1 students must advise the University of their Academic Plan choice(s) for Level 2 through Mosaic by April 27. You will be able to select or revise your choices until the end of April.

You must apply to your program through Mosaic to be considered for admission to your chosen Academic Plan. The pathway students will use to access Level 2 Academic Plan selection is:

Use your MacID to log-on to Mosaic:

  • Click “Student Centre” tab
  • Click “My Academics” link
  • Click “Program/Plan Application” link
  • Choose your desired Academic Plans ranking your choices 1 - 4 (#1 being the Academic Plan you would most like to enter).

Remember to double check all important dates and deadlines on the Office of the Registrars website. 

Important Information

  1. For students considering Honours Social Work (BSW), you must submit a separate application to this program directly to the School of Social Work by the deadline of March 1.
    If you have NOT submitted the supplementary application and are not already scheduled to write the SWAT, do NOT choose the Honours Social Work Academic Plan on Mosaic - You will not be considered for admission.

  2. Limited enrollment Program Plans (Health Studies and Aging and Society, Labour Studies, Social Work, Social Psychology, and PNB) should be ranked as your most desired choice(s).

  3. Honours Program plans should be ranked ahead of 3-year BA Program Plans.

Please consult the School of Social Work website for further information at:

Step 3. Check Confirmation of Academic Plan Eligibility on Mosaic by June 6, 2018

When you apply for entry to Level 2 through Mosaic, you may select up to four Academic Plan options. You will rank them 1 – 4.

You will be placed in the Academic Plan that you have ranked the highest and have met the admission requirements.

You can see which Academic Plan you have entered by logging into Mosaic, clicking on the “My Academics” link and referring to your “My Program” tab.

You should expect to find out about your program decisions during the 1st two weeks of June.

Step 4. Enrolling for Level 2 Courses tentatively begins June 25, 2018

For instructions on enrolling in courses, you should monitor the Office of the Registrar’s “Steps to Enrolling” page.

Steps to Enrolling

Level 2 Undergraduate Academic Plan Admission Requirements

  • Level 1 Social Sciences students successfully completing at least 24 units have the potential to meet admission requirements to a Level 2 Undergraduate Academic Plan.

  • Admission to most Honours Academic Plans in Level 2 requires a minimum of 5.0 (C) in the introductory course(s) in the discipline and a Grade Point Average of at least 5.0 (C).

  • Admission to BA Academic Plans requires a minimum of 4.0 (C-) in the introductory course(s) in the discipline and a Grade Point Average of at least 3.5 (C-).

  • For Combined Honours programs students must meet the entry requirements for each of the relevant programs.

  • For Limited Enrollment Academic Plans possession of the published minium requirements does not guarantee admission.

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Minimum Requirements to Continue at the University
All students must maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.5 at each review to continue at the University. Students may be allowed to continue on academic probation for one reviewing period with a GPA of 3.0 to 3.4. If your GPA is less than 3.0, you may not continue at the University.