Dana Hollander, McMaster University


Associate Professor, Department of Religious Studies

Member, MA Program in Cultural Studies and Critical Theory

Associate Member, Department of Philosophy

McMaster University

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"Introduction to Judaism" (Winter 2019)

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"Religion and Politics" (Winter 2019)


"'But Does He Really Not Remember?' Cohen’s Revaluing of the Spinozan Politicization of Judaism" in G.W.F. Hegel und Hermann Cohen. Wege zur Versöhnung, ed. Norbert Waszek (Freiburg: Alber, 2018) - a Festschrift for Myriam Bienenstock

"Hermann Cohen über die Paradoxie des Gesetzes, aus den Quellen des Judentums und des Antijudaismus" ["Hermann Cohen on the Paradox of 'Gesetz' Out of the Sources of Judaism and Anti-Judaism"] in Ino Augsberg and Karl-Heinz Ladeur (eds.), Politische Theologie(n) der Demokratie. Das religiöse Erbe des Säkularen ["Political Theology/-ies of Democracy. The Religious Legacy of the Secular"] (Vienna: Turia & Kant, 2018).

I was a speaker at "Hatred and Love: Jewish Conceptions of Personal Hatred and Public Love in Antiquity and Modernity," a conference at the Chicago Center for Jewish Studies, University of Chicago, June 6, 2018.

I was a respondent at the panel "Methodological Boundaries and the Field of Rabbinics: Interruptions from Philosophy," at the 2017 annual conference of the Association for Jewish Studies in Washington, D.C.

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