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EE Can Help Students Become Career Ready

Learn about yourself

See how your personality and skills can lead to a rewarding career choice by completing the free online TypeFocus assessment.

TypeFocus is designed to help you discover which careers best suit your individual strengths. This tool can help you narrow your search and help you to become confident that you are on the right track.

Request access

Email us to request access to your free online assessment.  Then, explore the site to learn more about how your personal strengths can help you land a great job, explore careers, and more. This assessment is only open to McMaster Social Sciences students.  Students must provide their student number in order to receive the necessary code to enter the site.

Learn about your skills

Participating in EE activities can help you develop necessary employability skills

It's no secret that employers are looking for students and graduates with well developed skill sets. 

To assist students with better understanding how participating in activities offered through EE can help to strengthen their skills, we have developed a reference resource that can be used to help determine:

  • how specific EE core activities can help develop certain skills or skill sets
  • identify the skills that have been developed or strengthened by participating in an activity

Click here to view EE's Skill Identification Resource.

The Conference Board of Canada has created Employability Skills 2000+, a resource that is widely used to help identify and categorize employability skills in today's labour market, and that you can access to learn more about this topic.

Learn about ways to get involved

See potential ways to gain relevant experience through the EE sample action plan

Students often ask about the “best way” to get involved with EE activities and in which year of study they "should" begin participating. The truth is, there are many ways for to participate.

The benefit is that you can tailor your EE experiences toward your own individual goals and interests - but we know that this can sometimes lead to a level of uncertainty when getting started.

We’ve have created a sample year by year “action plan” to help.  

Don’t be concerned if you’re already past your first year and are just getting started – students engage in EE activities at different times and for different reasons.  Take a look at the information and if you need help to plan out your next steps, request an appointment and we can help!