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Student Experience Grants

Financial support for student-initiated experiential learning opportunities

Student Experience Grants are designed to provide financial support for student-initiated experiential learning opportunities that allow students to engage in practical applications of theories learned through their Social Sciences education. They also allow students to gain introductory grant-writing skills that can be valuable in future academic and career endeavours.

Eligible Activities

Activities offered through Experiential Education (EE) are only available to undergraduate students who meet our Eligibility Criteria

All experience must include a hands-on, experiential element where the student is actively participating in or contributing to an activity.

Funding has been granted in the past to some of the following types of activities:

  • Presenting at conferences
  • Attending conferences (Students must clearly articulate the hands-on components of the conference. The conference cannot simply be for knowledge acquisition.)
  • Local, national, and international extra-curricular learning opportunities such as volunteering abroad, experiences while on academic exchange, etc. 
  • Faculty-supervised, non-credit, independent research or fieldwork (Funding is not intended to support volunteer research assistant positions for faculty members.)
  • Ideas to enhance student-driven departmental initiatives (Must include a letter of support from the Department Chair/Director.)
  • Ideas to work with community partners on community-based initiatives (Must include a letter of support from the community partner.)

This list is not exhaustive. Students may apply for any opportunity that fits the criteria.

McMaster University/EE cannot fund an activity if travel warnings issued by Global Affairs Canada advise Canadians to avoid travel to the location of the student experience for any reason. It is also the responsibility of the student to determine if any inoculation/medical intervention or insurance is required for travel related to their experience and to ensure that these requirements are completed appropriately before departure.

Deadline Dates

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, in that students can apply any time of year. However, funds are typically dispersed between September and April. 

Several information sessions will be held in the fall and winter terms to review application guidelines and provide tips on writing a successful application. Students must register on OSCARplus to attend.

How are funds released?

Student Experience Grants are reimbursement-based. That is, students are not awarded funds until after they have provided receipts of expenditures. Normally, reimbursements take 3-4 weeks to process.