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Sample Publications

Bird, Karen. 2015. “Intersections of Exclusion: The Institutional Dynamics of Combined Gender and Ethnic Quota Systems.” Politics, Groups and Identities, 4:2, pp 284-306. 

Bird, Karen. 2015. “‘We are Not an Ethnic Vote!’ Representational Perspectives of Minorities in the Greater Toronto Area.” Canadian Journal of Political Science 48: 2, pp. 249-279.

Bird, Karen. 2014. "Ethnic Quotas and Ethnic Representation Worldwide.International Political Science Review, 35: 1, pp. 12-16.

Bird, Karen. 2012. “Towards an Integrated Model of Minority Representation: Perspectives from Canada.” Politics & Gender 8: 4, pp. 508-512.

Tan, Netina. 2015. “Introduction: Quotas and Non-Quota Strategies in East Asia.” Politics & Gender 11 (01): 171–75.  

Tan, Netina. 2015. “Party Quotas and Rising Women Politicians in Singapore.” Politics & Gender 11 (01): 196–207.

Tan, Netina. 2014. “Ethnic Quotas and Unintended Effects on Women’s Political Representation in Singapore.” International Political Science Review, 35 (1): 27-40.