Future Undergraduate Students

Hello, future Marauder!

I’m Meghan, Recruitment Manager for the Faculty of Social Sciences. I’m your go-to source for all the info, advice and support that you need as you embark on your next big adventure. I can promise you an incredible journey lies ahead.


So what are you waiting for? Join us here in McMaster’s Faculty of Social Sciences, where your future begins and limitless possibilities await.

Your First Year

You will start your journey in one of three, entry pathways:


Social Sciences I allows you to explore all 12 of our programs and is a broad-based  approach to studying the social sciences.

Economics I is a direct pathway, and delves into economic theories, systems and policies.

Health and Society I is a direct entry pathway, and explores the intersection of health, society and well-being.


At the end of your first year, no matter what pathway you are in, you will apply to your top programs of choice.


Graduate with a minor from Social Sciences or across faculties.

Co-op, Internships and Experiential Education

Get hands on experience to add to your resume.


Earn a Mohawk College certificate at the same time you earn your degree.

Study Abroad

Explore other parts of the world while working towards your degree.

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Admissions Requirements

Use our admission requirements tool to check and compare admission requirements for our undergraduate programs.

View admission requirements

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Application Process

Your journey to McMaster in 10 easy steps. From applying, to accepting your offer and joining us on campus!

Learn more about each step

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Dates & Deadlines

Find information on the critical dates and deadlines for applying to our programs.

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English Proficiency Requirements

The language of instruction at McMaster University is English.

There are specific English Language Proficiency tests accepted by McMaster, along with minimum score requirements.

View accepted language tests & minimum scores

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Transcripts & Documents

Submitting your transcripts and documents is an important part of your application.

Learn how to submit your transcripts and documents

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Transfer/Advanced Credit

Learn more about transfer credits.

Learn more about transfer/advanced credits


Discover how you can apply for advanced credits through our SHSM program.

Learn more about SHSM