Future International Undergraduate Students

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Why Study in Canada

At McMaster, we are committed to discovering and improving the world around us. There is no better time to study in Social Sciences. We are delighted to have you join us.

Why McMaster

At McMaster we are committed to discovering and improving the world around us.

McMaster offers world class education with leading edge research. Be part of a brighter world.


Admission Requirements

First year students can choose to study in three entrance programs. Explore your interests while you consider which one of our programs suits you best. 

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Admissions Requirements

Use our admission requirements tool to check and compare admission requirements for our undergraduate programs.

View admission requirements

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Application Process

Your journey to McMaster in 10 easy steps. From applying, to accepting your offer and joining us on campus!

Learn more about each step

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Dates & Deadlines

Find information on the critical dates and deadlines for applying to our programs.

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English Proficiency Requirements

The language of instruction at McMaster University is English.

There are specific English Language Proficiency tests accepted by McMaster, along with minimum score requirements.

View accepted language tests & minimum scores

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Fees & Payment

Information on about the fees and payments for McMaster including dates and deadlines, and payment structure.

View information fees & payment

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Transcripts & Documents

Submitting your transcripts and documents is an important part of your application.

Learn how to submit your transcripts and documents

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Transfer/Advanced Credit

Discover how you can transfer and/or apply for advanced credits.

Learn more about transfer/advanced credits

We're here to help


Nicole Agyei-Odame

Welcome! I’m Nicole, a Recruitment and Academic Advisor for the Faculty of Social Sciences. My role is to help you make a great transition to undergraduate student life in our Faculty. I also help ensure all of our Faculty’s international, Economics I and Health and Society I students have a positive experience.


I’m a McMaster University Honours Sociology graduate (2018). I also recently completed my master’s degree in Immigration and Settlement. Coming to Canada can be a very intimidating process, but I can help you feel at home on campus. I’m here to answer any questions you might have about life in Hamilton, courses or even how to prepare for winter. No question is too small!   


When you’re here, you can take part in special events to help you feel part of our community. Some of these events include:   

  • Personal check-ins
  • Level I study groups
  • Level II program choice workshops
  • Social activities

Are you interested?



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Find information about past or current courses including course outlines.

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Social Sciences Careers

A degree in the social sciences can set you up for future success. Find out what a social science degree can do for your career.

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McMaster Social Sciences Society

Enhance your undergraduate experience in Social Sciences.


Upcoming Events

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MAS Symposium Lecture


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March 15, 2023
6:30 pm
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IGHC Major Research Project Work-in-Progress Colloquium


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April 26, 2023
9:00 am to 12:00 pm