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Admission to the Social Sciences at McMaster

Are you interested in attending McMaster University for Social Sciences, but not quite sure where to start? Let us help you!

General Admission Requirements

No matter which pathway in the Social Sciences you decide to follow (Psychology, Social Work, Geography, Economics, Political Science, Religious Studies, etc.) you will begin your journey by applying to Level 1 Social Sciences. 

Your first year in Social Sciences 1 is your start towards your degree program. The flexibility of the Level 1 program allows you to explore courses from a variety of disciplines. You will be able to choose courses from 12 different departments within Social Sciences and from the Faculties of Humanities and Sciences. 

At the end of your first year, you will "declare your major" and apply to the program in which you would like to specialize for your degree.  Most programs in the Faculty of Social Sciences require completion of 6 units of course work (two half year courses) in the discipline of choice and completion of a Level 1 program.


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What do I need to get in?

 The general admission requirements for entry to Social Sciences Level 1 at McMaster are:

  • English 4U
  • 5 additional U or M courses
  • 75% to 78% or higher

Note: for Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour and Economics Calculus & Vectors 4U is strongly recommended.

Detailed Admission Requirements

Please visit the McMaster Admissions website for detailed admission requirements based on the minimum average, English proficiency requirements, application information, required courses and other important information about students from your region.

For more information on application dates and deadlines or the admissions process visit

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Find Your Place in the World

Amberlynn Palmer

BA Sociology, BSW2014

Youth at Risk Development Program Worker at the John Howard Society of Hamilton, Burlington and Area

“My work is always changing and unpredictable, which challenges me to think and respond differently every day. I use the theory I learned in my program, my experience from placements and my critical thinking skills to creatively address barriers at-risk youth experience, while emphasizing the importance of community. Respect and dignity are core values in my line of work.”

Justin Bilechuk

B.A. Honours, Economics, McMaster University, M.A. Financial Economics, University of Toronto2012

Associate Director with Group Risk Management, Credit, RBC

“I grew up in the north end of Hamilton. As a first-generation student, at first I was unsure about what I was doing at McMaster. The most important thing I learned was how to love learning; I had passionate professors who made it clear they love their work and whose enthusiasm was contagious. My decision to pursue a Master’s degree was entirely due to them.”

Melissa Bennett

B.A. Honours, Gerontology & Health Studies, McMaster University2012

Donor development officer, Hamilton/Burlington SPCA

“I very quickly felt a part of Hamilton. Professors often taught about the context of the city’s diverse neighbourhoods, cultures and experiences. I gained an understanding of the city both geographically and demographically that is an asset in strategizing campaigns and stewardship efforts. I am satisfied that I am working for a great cause in a city that I love.”