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Careers in the Social Sciences

Are you curious about the career prospects after graduating from McMaster University's Bachelor's program in the social sciences?

A World of Possibilities

A degree in the social sciences can be used for a variety of employment opportunities. Communications skills, the ability to think creatively and how to evaluate situations are among of the top skills in demand by employers today. 

Career Paths

  • Aboriginal rights
  • Advertising/media/marketing
  • Business consultant
  • Career counsellor
  • Community activism/support/development
  • Consumer advocacy
  • Counseling
  • Early childhood education
  • Editorial work
  • Education/teacher
  • Environmentalism
  • Family policy
  • Gerontology

Social Sciences in Demand

  • Health care coordinator
  • Human resource management
  • Human rights
  • Industrial relations
  • Journalism
  • Labour consulting/unionism
  • Law and legal studies
  • Policy analysis
  • Probation/parole officer/criminal justice
  • Public relations
  • Research (academic, government, labour market)
  • Social work
  • Statistical analysis
  • Urban planning

McMaster Social Sciences Graduates

See what these recent graduates had to say about their education, current jobs and career paths.

photo of Phyllis Phiri

Phyllis Phiri

B.A. Honours, Labour Studies and Political Science, McMaster University2012

Strategy Analyst, Ontario Ministry of Labour’s Prevention Office

Strategy Analyst, Ontario Ministry of Labour’s Prevention Office, working on the coordination of strategic initiatives and research and analysis projects focused on the implementation of the province’s first integrated occupational health and safety strategy. “Recognizing that the knowledge economy favours highly skilled professionals with technical expertise in a specialized field, I decided to marry my degrees and focus on labour policy. By learning the employment trends of different sectors I was able to identify areas of growth and skills gaps —including the need for labour policy professionals in government, which resulted in this important and rewarding work.”

photo of Justin Bilechuk

Justin Bilechuk

B.A. Honours, Economics, McMaster University, M.A. Financial Economics, University of Toronto2012

Associate Director with Group Risk Management, Credit, RBC

Associate Director with Group Risk Management, Credit, RBC, assessing credit risk of corporate borrowers and supporting corporate banking businesses in the United States and Europe “I grew up in the north end of Hamilton. As a first-generation student, at first I was unsure about what I was doing at McMaster. The most important thing I learned was how to love learning; I had passionate professors who made it clear they love their work and whose enthusiasm was contagious. My decision to pursue a Master’s degree was entirely due to them.”

photo of Amberlynn Palmer

Amberlynn Palmer

BA Sociology, BSW2014

Youth at Risk Development Program Worker at the John Howard Society of Hamilton, Burlington and Area

Youth at Risk Development Program Worker at the John Howard Society of Hamilton, Burlington and Area, supporting youth at risk of antisocial behaviour and lifestyles in the Hamilton community through group facilitated programming, case management, mentoring and one on one support. “My work is always changing and unpredictable, which challenges me to think and respond differently every day. I use the theory I learned in my program, my experience from placements and my critical thinking skills to creatively address barriers at-risk youth experience, while emphasizing the importance of community. Respect and dignity are core values in my line of work.”

photo of Paul Di Ianni

Paul Di Ianni

B.A. Honours Political Science & History, M.A. Political Science, McMaster University2008

External relations officer, Ontario College of Teachers

External relations officer, Ontario College of Teachers, working on initiatives that include a scholarship program, public relations and external events “I learned that being an active participant in discussions with classmates and professors was much more fruitful than sitting on the sidelines. Speaking up and readily accepting that there are other viewpoints out there is what I found most rewarding, along with seeing how fellow students, staff and professors would go the extra mile to ensure that a student would succeed.”

photo of Cayley Stephenson

Cayley Stephenson

B.A. Honours Religious Studies & Sociology, McMaster University2013

Case Manager for a Hamilton Supported Independent Living Program

Case Manager for a Hamilton Supported Independent Living Program, working with adults who have developmental disabilities or mental health issues “Being part of our clients’ lives is rewarding in itself. I know that having them in my life keeps me grounded and gives me happiness. Social Sciences made me realize that being “critical” is not a bad thing when done in an anti-oppressive, academic and holistic manner: Without critical thought, the world would never change for the better. I am continuing learning by taking a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology.”

photo of Sarah Adjekum

Sarah Adjekum

BA Sociology, BSW, McMaster University2014

Mental Health Crisis Worker at Hamilton’s Good Shepherd Barrett Centre

Mental Health Crisis Worker at Hamilton’s Good Shepherd Barrett Centre, providing support to adults experiencing distress or mental health crises via a crisis hotline and short-term bed-stay program “Our primary aim is to empower our guests and give them the tools they need to have control over their lives. They are incredibly resilient; often having a secure safety net can prevent them from falling into crisis again. I am intimately aware of structural barriers that can impede positive life outcomes and passionate about eradicating these barriers and empowering individuals to realize their full potential.”

photo of John Williams

John Williams

B.A. Honours, Political Science, B.A. Geography, McMaster University2012

Project Manager for the Hamilton Conservation Authority

Project Manager for the Hamilton Conservation Authority, currently implementing the Dundas Valley 50-Year Vision and Strategy “With a Social Sciences degree you feel you can change the world—fast. Working here allows me to effect local-level positive change through an organization whose goals align with the preservation of our environment and way of life. At McMaster I learned that being a complete person, balancing life and studies, is an important part of academic success.”

photo of Melissa Bennett

Melissa Bennett

B.A. Honours, Gerontology & Health Studies, McMaster University2012

Donor development officer, Hamilton/Burlington SPCA

Donor development officer, Hamilton/Burlington SPCA “I very quickly felt a part of Hamilton. Professors often taught about the context of the city’s diverse neighbourhoods, cultures and experiences. I gained an understanding of the city both geographically and demographically that is an asset in strategizing campaigns and stewardship efforts. I am satisfied that I am working for a great cause in a city that I love.”

photo of Marissa Ledger

Marissa Ledger

B.A. Honours, Anthropology, BSc Life Sciences, McMaster University2014

Medical Student, University of Alberta

Medical student, University of Alberta “Life Sciences gave me some of the background I needed for medical school but my degree in Anthropology was most helpful in establishing my interests in medicine and preparing me to be the best doctor I can be. It gave me an appreciation for different cultures and belief systems that I come across frequently and has made it easier for me to work through tough ethical and cultural conflicts within medicine.”