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International Student Stories

Social Science undergraduate students come from every part of the world. Meet current International students and learn more.

James, Nigeria

3rd year Honours Economics and CCE Accounting Diploma 

Why did you choose McMaster?

When I was researching schools, I liked how McMaster portrayed itself. It was like what you see on television, with a nice campus, friendly students and helpful faculty. These perceptions have turned out to be reality! 

Plus, it is great that I can get two credentials at the same time. I will graduate with a BA from McMaster and a Diploma from Continuing Education.

Why Economics?

Economics links to the real world – it is easy for me to practice what I have learned in class straight away.  This is because the department’s professors are very good at showing the every day application of the theories they teach.  I can now explain current events to others in a better way too.

What’s next?

Once I graduate, I have two plans. First, I would like to complete a Masters in Economics (at McMaster). After that I want to become a Chartered Professional Accountant. 

What advice do you have for new students?

Get involved in your department’s student society early on. I waited until third year and I wished I had joined in sooner to connect with more students and events.

Lucy, China

4th year Honours Economics, minor in Finance

Why did you choose McMaster?

I like the size of McMaster – it is a world class university with a walkable campus in its own setting. Other schools seemed too big and impersonal to me.


Why Economics?

Economics was intuitive for me and a great combination with the minors in Finance. My study of economics has provided me a more thoughtful and cautious perspective. Besides, understanding economics helps inform key issues affecting our world. 

While macroeconomics was interesting, the microeconomics courses I took were my favourite. Plus, the information I learned will help me when I open my own business. 

What’s next?

I am interested in a few things; I am applying to Masters level programs in Economics and Finance. I also want to open a coffee shop. 

What advice do you have for new students?

Get involved in McMaster clubs right from the beginning. I didn’t know anyone when I arrived on campus. I joined the McMaster Chinese Students and Scholar Association (CSSA) during orientation to meet people.  It has been a great experience. I have been part of the dance performance group for four years. It is a great way to meet students from other programs and different years.

Bruce, South Korea

4th year Honours Economics and Mohawk Certificate in Business Studies

Why did you choose McMaster?

The diversity of international students interested me. I have friends from all around the world. Also, I like how this is a true university town with nice shops, restaurants and nature nearby campus.


Why Economics?

I find economics interesting. I like how the mathematics apply to problems facing businesses and governments. Financial Economics was my favourite course.

I have enjoyed the Mohawk Certificate in Business Studies coursework. These classes occur on the university campus as part of my normal course load. I have gained applied skills that will help me after I graduate. 

What’s next?

I am interested in a banking career. I would like to come back to McMaster for my Masters.

What advice do you have for new students?

Enjoy your first year. Get out and meet people. Explore Hamilton. Study of course, but don’t miss out on campus life. Too many students are so focused on marks they forget about the social side of university.

Asefeoluwa, Nigeria

4th year Honours Economics and Political Science

Why did you choose McMaster?

International reputation and ranking was important but so was the atmosphere on campus. McMaster was very welcoming and felt like home. The faculty and staff members want to help you do your best.


Why Economics and Political Science?

Nigeria is in a state of economic and political transition. I want to be able to understand how I could help back home.

This combination gives me opportunities for post graduate studies and my future career.

The diversity of courses showed me many new areas beyond what I thought was economics. These courses included Economics of Professional Sports and Economics of Bad Behaviour.

In Political Science I have learned to look at problems from different philosophical and political perspectives so I can understand various points of view.

What’s next?

I am planning to stay in Canada to work and complete my Masters in Public Policy.

What advice do you have for new students?

Find a quiet place to study! Each year I’ve found a new spot. This year my favourite is in the basement of the new L.R. Wilson building in the small group study rooms.


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