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Experience Makes a Difference

Academic studies. Career exploration. Community involvement.

We aim to enrich undergraduate education in the Faculty of Social Sciences through fostering unique approaches to learning within the classroom and more actively engaging students in the community, as well as promoting strong relationships between academic studies, career exploration and community involvement.

Top 10 reasons to complete an Honours degree

  1.  You will receive the necessary academic preparation for graduate school. Most graduate schools require at least a BA Honours for entry.
  2.  You will demonstrate to employers that you have developed strong skills and abilities that can be transferred to the workplace. 
  3.  You can focus on two areas of study in a Combined Honours program. This option is not available to students in a three-year BA program.
  4.  You can complete a minor (24 units) in another subject area. Minors are only open to students enrolled in an Honours program.
  5.  You can participate in the Study Abroad program in your third year of study.
  6.  You will receive advanced training in your chosen area of study in small fourth-year seminars.
  7.  You can get to know your professors and classmates in the small seminar classes, and develop your skills in communication, teamwork and research.
  8.  You can conduct your own research through an Honours Thesis, Research Project or Capstone course.
  9.  You will have completed a high quality, highly selective program of study and research. This will look good on your résumé.
  10.  You can choose to transfer to graduate with a three-year degree if you are admitted to a professional program.

A Social Sciences Honours degree will set you apart from other applicants for jobs, professional training, or graduate schools, and will prepare you well for your future, whatever path you choose to take. 

Honours vs. Honours Specialist Option vs. Honours Specialization: What’s the difference?

For many students, the first step to earning a degree is choosing a major or program of study. A major is the broad area of study or discipline in which a student chooses to study, such as Anthropology, Labour Studies or Political Science. Within a BA Honours degree (four years) in your chosen area of study, there may also be an option to select a Specialist Option or a Specialization.

An Honours degree indicates a broad knowledge in your chosen major. You will take approximately half of your upper-level courses (45-48 units) in one main subject area.

An Honours Specialist Option encourages you to deepen your knowledge in your area of study, focusing your undergraduate degree to prepare you to move on to graduate studies.  You will take more units in the main subject area than for the Honours degree (48-54 units), and some of these courses will be taught at a more academically rigorous level.

Faculty of Social Sciences departments that offer Honours Specialist Option programs include Economics and Sociology.

An Honours Specialization provides a specific area of emphasis or focus within your chosen major, requiring you to take 54-66 units of coursework within your area of study. A specialization provides preparation to proceed to a higher degree, but its primary function is to provide a comprehensive education at the undergraduate level. A specialization can help inform potential employers about your specific area of interest and expertise.

Faculty of Social Sciences departments that offer Honours Specialization programs include Health Aging & Society, Political Science, and Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour.

If you are eager and motivated, you will succeed regardless of whether you select a generalist approach (Honours) or a specific area of focus (Honours Specialist Option or Honours Specialization).

Would you like more information about Specialist Option programs or Specializations? Speak with the department representatives.

Choose a program option below for further detail and specific academic requirements:

Honours Economics (Specialist Option) (B.A.)

Honours Sociology (Specialist Option) (B.A.)

Honours Aging & Society Specialization in Mental Health and Addiction (B.A.)

Honours Health & Society Specialization in Mental Health and Addiction (B.A.)

Honours Political Science Specialization in Global Citizenship (B.A.)

Honours Political Science Specialization in Public Law and Judicial Studies (B.A.)

Honours Psychology Neuroscience & Behaviour – Mental Health Specialization (B.A.)

Honours Psychology Neuroscience & Behaviour – Music Cognition Specialization (B.A.)