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IGHC Distinguished Speakers Series

Mon., March 19th, 1:30pm-3:00pm, L.R. Wilson Hall 1003, McMaster University, John Clarke, Austerity and After? Policies, Politics, and Ideologies

Feb 27, 2018

Austerity and After? Policies, Politics, and Ideologies

In this lecture, I will trace the rise of Austerity as the political common-sense of the global North during the last decade. I will consider the strange relationships between Austerity as an ideology, as a political project and as a set of (dysfunctional) policies. Borrowing from the example of the UK, I will examine Austerity as an attempt to imagine a ‘moral economy’ based around ideas of sacrifice and fairness, in which profoundly conservative conceptions of family, work and nation are entangled. I will conclude by considering the fractures and fissures that have opened up in the apparently coherent and potent project of Austerity and ask what might succeed it.

About the Speaker

John Clarke, Hooker Distinguished Visiting Professor, is an emeritus professor of social policy at the United Kingdom’s Open University and a recurrent visiting professor at Central European University in Budapest. John's work has centered on ways in which welfare states have been transformed since the late twentieth century, with a particular interest in how the relationships between welfare, state and nation have been reconstructed. His most recent publications include: People in this country have had enough of experts: Brexit and the paradoxes of populism (with Janet Newman, Critical Policy Studies, 2017); Making Policy Move: Towards a politics of translation and assemblage (with Dave Bainton, Noémi Lendvai, and Paul Stubbs, The Policy Press, April 2015); and Disputing Citizenship (with Kathy Coll, Evelina Dagnino, and Catherine Neveu, Policy Press, 2014)

John will give a series of lectures this week; the full list is here, on the School of Social Work website news section.