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Working Papers Series

The series has two principal objectives:

  • To foster dialogue and awareness of research among scholars at McMaster and elsewhere whose work focuses upon globalization, its impact on economic, social, political and cultural relations, and the response of individuals, groups and societies to these impacts. Given the complexity of the globalization phenomenon and the diverse reactions to it, it is helpful to focus upon these issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.
  • To assist scholars at McMaster and elsewhere to clarify and refine their research on globalization in preparation for eventual publication.

Working Papers Series

photo of Donald Goellnicht

Donald Goellnicht

IGHC member | Department of English & Cultural Studies

Department of English and Cultural Studies

"It was a pleasure serving as Director of IGHC, an institute that brings together researchers from a diverse range of disciplines to collaborate on pressing social, economic, political, cultural, and environmental issues related to globalization. And working with engaged MA students who are committed to interdisciplinary learning proves to be stimulating and rewarding."


Citizenship Studies

Citizenship Studies publishes internationally recognized scholarly work on contemporary issues in citizenship, human rights and democratic processes from an interdisciplinary perspective covering the fields of politics, sociology, history and cultural studies. It seeks to lead an international debate on the academic analysis of citizenship, and also aims to cross the division between internal and academic and external public debate.

The journal focuses on debates that move beyond conventional notions of citizenship, and treats citizenship as a strategic concept that is central in the analysis of identity, participation, empowerment, human rights and the public interest. Citizenship is analyzed in the context of contemporary processes involving globalization, theories of international relations, changes to the state and political communities, multiculturalism, gender, indigenous peoples and national reconciliation, equity, social and public policy, welfare, and the reorganization of public management. As a theoretically basic concept, citizenship provides new tools for formulating problems and providing practical analysis and advice in these fields. The journal seeks to publish papers that provide links between theory, institutions such as markets and religions, and the analysis of substantive issues.

Peter Nyers (McMaster University) is one of the Chief Editors of Citizenship Studies.

Citizenship Studies

photo of Peter Nyers

Peter Nyers

PhD Political Science, York University2002

Associate Professor

Department of Political Science

"It is a privilege and pleasure to teach and supervise in the Globalization graduate program. I teach the core course Globalization: An Introduction and every year students teach me something new about global connectivity and the human condition. Teaching in the program has not only challenged me to keep interdisciplinary at the core of own thinking, teaching, and research; it has also called upon me to be attuned and responsive to social struggles that envision and enact alternative ways of 'being global'"

Global Labour Journal

Global Labour Journal is an open access, fully peer reviewed online journal launched in January 2010. It serves as a forum for the plentiful and diverse scholarly work emerging on labour activities worldwide and highlight the ways that labour activities are increasingly shaped by global forces. The journal is published in association with Research Committee 44 (Labour Movements) of the International Sociological Association. Funding is provided by the LIUNA / Mancinelli Professorship in Global Labour Issues at McMaster University.  The journal is jointly edited in South Africa and Canada. 

Robert O’Brien (McMaster University) is the Consulting Editor of Global Labour Journal

Global Labour Journal

photo of Robert O'Brien

Robert O'Brien

Ph.D. Political Science, York University (Canada)1992


Department of Political Science

"Teaching and supervising Globalization MA students is one of the highlights of my academic year. They are a diverse, thoughtful and engaging group of students out to change the world."

Global Social Policy

Global Social Policy (GSP) is an independent international journal  that advances the understanding of the impact of globalization processes upon social policy and social development as well as the impact of social policy upon globalization processes.

The journal analyzes the contributions of a range of national and international actors, both governmental and non-governmental, to global social policy and social development discourse and practice.

The editors welcome articles and contributions from a variety of disciplines and fields that address social issues and policies in the context of a global analytical framework.

GSP is edited by Gerard W. Boychuk (Balsillie School of International Affairs, University of Waterloo, Canada) Rianne Mahon (Balsillie School of International Affairs, University of Waterloo, Canada)) and Stephen McBride (McMaster University, Canada). The GSP Editorial Office is based at the IGHC.

Global Social Policy

photo of Stephen McBride

Stephen McBride

Professor | Canada Research Chair in Public Policy and Globalization

Department of Political Science

"It is always fun to teach a course with Globalization students from the IGHC . Coming from very diverse academic backgrounds they offer new and interesting perspectives on long-standing political science issues. This challenges me and my other students to operate outside our comfort zones, rethink assumptions, and re-consider existing answers to questions. Supervising Globalization MRPs has also been a stimulating experience. The Institute also offers a supportive home for exciting new research ventures such as interdisciplinary work on austerity."