Seungjin Han

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       Submitted Papers

         Differentiated Excise Taxation in the Beer Market, with Josip Lesica

         Statistical Treatment Rules under Social Interaction
, with Julius Owusu and Youngki Shin


         Stronger Monotone Signaling Equilibrium, with Alex Sam and Youngki Shin
         Revised and resubmitted
Journal of Economic Theory

         Robust Equilibria in General Competing Mechanism Games
Revised and resubmitted, Games and Economic Behavior

       Working Papers

         Optimal Delegation in Markets for Matching with Signaling, with Alex Sam and Youngki Shin
         Common Agency with Non-Delegation or Imperfect Commitment, (On-line Appendix), with Siyang Xiong

         A Unified Approach to Equilibrium Analysis in Competing Mechanism Games, with Siyang Xiong


         General Competing Mechanism Games with Strategy-Proof Punishment
Journal of Mathematical Economics, 102, 2022, 102728

Sellers' Implicit Collusion in Directed Search Markets
         The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 16, 2016, 711-738

Robust Competitive Auctions
         Economics Letters, 136, 2015, 207-210,
Working paper version

         Compensating Wage Differentials in Stable Job Matching Equilibrium, with Shintaro Yamaguchi
         Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 114, 2015, 36-45

         Implicit Collusion in Non-Exclusive Contracting under Adverse Selection
         Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 99, 2014, 85-95.

         Asymmetric First-Price Menu Auctions under Intricate Uncertainty
         Journal of Economic Theory, 148, 2013, 2068-2095.

         On Take It or Leave It Offers in Common Agency
         Economics Letters, 117, 2012, 777-781.

         A Bargaining Model of Tax Competition, with John Leach
         Journal of Public Economics, 92, 2008, 1122-1141.

         Strongly Robust Equilibrium and Competing-Mechanism Games
           Journal of Economic Theory, 137, 2007, 610-626.

         Assortative Marriage and the Effects of Government Homecare Subsidy
         Programs on Gender Wage and Participation Inequality, with David Bjerk
         Journal of Public Economics, 91, 2007, 1135-1150.

         Corporate Precautionary Cash Holdings, with Jiaping Qiu
         Journal of Corporate Finance, 13, 2007, 43-57.

         Menu Theorems for Bilateral Contracting
Journal of Economic Theory, 131, 2006, 157-178, On-line Appendix.