Seungjin Han

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       Working Papers
         Monotone Equilibrium in Matching Markets with Signaling, with Alex Sam and Youngki Shin, R&R, JET

         Statistical Treatment Rules under Social Interaction
, with Julius Owusu and Youngki Shin

         Optimal Delegation in Markets for Matching with Signaling, with Alex Sam and Youngki Shin

         A Unified Approach to Equilibrium Analysis in Competing Mechanism Games, with Siyang Xiong

         Quasi Ex-Post Equilibrium in Competing Mechanisms

CEO Pay with Perks, with Andrew Carrothers and Jiaping Qiu


         General Competing Mechanism Games with Strategy-Proof Punishment
Journal of Mathematical Economics, 102, 2022, 102728

Sellers' Implicit Collusion in Directed Search Markets
         The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 16, 2016, 711-738

Robust Competitive Auctions
         Economics Letters, 136, 2015, 207-210,
Working paper version

         Compensating Wage Differentials in Stable Job Matching Equilibrium, with Shintaro Yamaguchi
         Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 114, 2015, 36-45

         Implicit Collusion in Non-Exclusive Contracting under Adverse Selection
         Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 99, 2014, 85-95.

         Asymmetric First-Price Menu Auctions under Intricate Uncertainty
         Journal of Economic Theory, 148, 2013, 2068-2095.

         On Take It or Leave It Offers in Common Agency
         Economics Letters, 117, 2012, 777-781.

         A Bargaining Model of Tax Competition, with John Leach
         Journal of Public Economics, 92, 2008, 1122-1141.

         Strongly Robust Equilibrium and Competing-Mechanism Games
           Journal of Economic Theory, 137, 2007, 610-626.

         Assortative Marriage and the Effects of Government Homecare Subsidy
         Programs on Gender Wage and Participation Inequality, with David Bjerk
         Journal of Public Economics, 91, 2007, 1135-1150.

         Corporate Precautionary Cash Holdings, with Jiaping Qiu
         Journal of Corporate Finance, 13, 2007, 43-57.

         Menu Theorems for Bilateral Contracting
Journal of Economic Theory, 131, 2006, 157-178, On-line Appendix.