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A group of McMaster students works with senior citizen advisors.

McMaster’s Department of Health, Aging, and Society introduces direct-entry program

The Faculty of Social Sciences has added to its strong array of undergraduate programs. Starting in September 2019 Health and Society I will be direct-entry from high school.

Jan 14, 2019

Health and Society I gives incoming students the opportunity to learn about the social issues surrounding health, illness and healthcare. As the world changes, health and health care are evolving at a rapid pace, and medicine alone is not the answer.

The program allows students interested in health, outside of the sciences, to explore several social issues. This includes, how changing technologies impact the way we understand and respond to health and illness; how people’s social circumstances – ranging from income to the neighbourhood they live in, impacts their health; how components of a person’s identity shape their health outcomes.

Each incoming cohort, will experience specialized workshops and learn material from professors representing varied disciplines, including Sociology, Human Geography, Social Work, Political Science, Labour Studies, Social Psychology, Economics, History, Gerontology and Public Health. 

“We need to recognize there are variety of perspectives that are valuable to understanding most issues of health and healthy aging” says James Dunn, Heath, Aging and Society Department Chair. “An interdisciplinary approach is crucial to finding solutions and maximizing opportunities in the complex world of health.“

This direct-entry program allows students to remain in the Health and Society pathway or to choose another program from: Aging and Society, Health and Society, or a combining both. Additionally, students may opt to add a specialization in Mental Health and Addiction to their honours degree.

Within the program, students will have the flexibility to move to any other BA program, pending prerequisites. Social Sciences I students will also be able to move into these upper level programs, pending prerequisites and enrolment space. 

For more information on admission requirements for this new direct-entry programs, as well as Social Sciences I, visit: