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HEAM seminar — Wednesday February 7, 3:30 – 5:00pm, CRL B119

Socioeconomic differences in risk and trends of out-of-pocket prescribed drug expenditures in Canada

This paper investigates risk of overburdening out-of-pocket prescribed pharmaceutical expenditures using the 2010 to 2014 cycles of the Survey of Household Spending. It finds increases in average household out-of-pocket prescribed pharmaceutical expenditures among low-income households across Canada- while observing decreasing trends amongst high-income households over the 5-year period. This analysis estimates a model for assessing risk of overburdening OOPPPE among households identified as: low-income, majority part-time income earners, and single-parent families with dependent children in relation to interprovincial variation of drug coverage.  Majority-senior (ages 65+) households show increased risk of overburdening OOPPPE across Canada with the exception of Ontario.  Additional findings suggest a relationship between out-of-pocket drug spending and household income is negative and inelastic when adjusting for relevant household characteristics in Canada.