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Indigenous Studies Minor

Completed using available elective credits from an Honours Degree in another subject.

MinorIndigenous Studies Minor

Completed using available elective credits from an Honours Degree in another subject.

A total of 24 Indigenous Studies units is required.

Note: At least 12 of the 18 units required for the Minor must be Indigenous Studies or Indigenous Language courses

6 Units from:

  • INDIG ST 1A03
  • CAYUGA 1Z03
  • OJIBWE 1Z03

18 Units from:

  • the Course List or Level II, III Indigenous Studies (See Notes, above.)

*No more than 6 of these units can be Level I

**At least 3 units must be from Level III

***At least 12 of the 18 units must be Indigenous Studies courses or Indigenous Language courses (cannot have been previously taken to satisfy Level I requirements).


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  • INDIGST 2A03
  • INDIGST 2B03
  • INDIGST 2C03
  • INDIGST 2D03
  • INDIGST 2F03
  • INDIGST 2G03
  • INDIGST 2J03
  • INDIGST 2M03
  • INDIGST 2U03
  • INDIGST 3C03
  • INDIGST 3D03(Cross-listed courses: ENGLISH 3W03; PEACEST 3W03)
  • INDIGST 3E03 (Cross listed courses: ENGLISH 3X03; PEACEST 3X03)
  • INDIGST 3F03 (Cross-listed course: ARTHIST 3BB3)
  • INDIGST 3G03
  • INDIGST 3H03
  • INDIGST 3J03 (Cross-listed course: POLISCI 3C03)
  • INDIGST 3K03
  • INDIGST 3L03
  • INDIGST 3P03
  • INDIGST 3Q03
  • INDIGST 3R03
  • INDIGST 3T03
  • INDIGST 4A03
  • INDIGST 4D03
  • INDIGST 4L03
  • INDIGST 4RI3 (Cross-listed course: ENGLISH 4RI3)
  • INDIGST 4SH3 (Cross-listed courses: ENGLISH 4SH3; CSCT 4SH3)
  • INDIGST 4T06
  • CAYUGA 1Z03
  • INUKTUT 1Z03
  • MOHAWK 1Z03
  • OJIBWE 1Z03
  • CAYUGA 2Z03
  • INUKTUT 2Z03
  • MOHAWK 2Z03
  • OJIBWE 2Z03
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For more information:
Indigenous Studies Program Office
L.R. Wilson Hall 1811
905-525-9140 ext. 23788
2 years
Required Credential:
Enrolment in an Honours program in another discipline.
Program Type:
Course based
Program Options:
Full-time, Part-time
Typical Entry: