Applied Regression Analysis and Generalized Linear Models, Third Edition: Data Sets

John Fox

Sage Publications (2016)


All data sets are ascii (plain-text) files; the first line of the file supplies variable names (excluding the observation name or number, which, in data sets in which it is present, is the first entry in each subsequent line); missing data are encoded with the character string NA. Descriptions of the data sets are supplied as PDF (portable document format) files.
Data Set Data File Description
Adler's data on experimenter expectations Adler.txt Adler.pdf
Angell's data on the moral integration of U.S. cities Angell.txt Angell.pdf
Anscombe's data on U.S. state education expenditures Anscombe.txt Anscombe.pdf
Ancombe's "quartet" of regression data sets Quartet.txt Quartet.pdf
Baseball salary data for 1987, hitters BaseballHitters.txt BaseballHitters.pdf
Baseball salary data for 1987, pitchers BaseballPitchers.txt BaseballPitchers.pdf
Baumann's data on methods of teaching reading Baumann.txt Baumann.pdf
Blackmore and Davis's longitudinal data on eating disorders and exercise Blackmore.txt Blackmore.pdf
British Election Panel Study data BEPS.txt BEPS.pdf
Burt's concocted data on IQs of separated twins Burt.txt Burt.pdf
Canadian Election Study 2011 CES2011-abortion.txt,,CES2011-turnout.txt CES2011-abortion.pdf,,CES2011-turnout.pdf
Canadian inter-provincial migration  CanadaMigration.txt CanadaMigration.pdf
Canadian occupational prestige  Prestige.txt Prestige.pdf
Canadian population  CanadaPopulation.txt CanadaPopulation.pdf
Canadian Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics (SLID) SLID-Ontario.txt, SLID-women.txt, SLID-selection.txt, SLID-censored SLID-Ontario.pdf, SLID-women.pdf, SLID-selection.pdf, SLID-censored.pdf
Canadian women's labor-force participation CanadianWomen.txt CanadianWomen.pdf
Chilean plebiscite  Chile.txt Chile.pdf
Chirot and Ragin's data on the 1907 Romanian peasant rebellion Chirot.txt Chirot.pdf
Cowles and Davis's data on volunteering for an experiment Cowles.txt Cowles.pdf
Davis's data on height and weight of exercisers Davis.txt Davis.pdf
Duncan's U.S. occupational prestige data Duncan.txt Duncan.pdf
Education and related data for the U.S. states States.txt States.pdf
Ericksen et al.'s U.S. Census undercount data Ericksen.txt Ericksen.pdf
B. Fox's Canadian women's labor-force time series data BFox.txt BFox.pdf
Gelman and Hill's polling data on the 1988 U.S. presidential election Gelman.txt Gelman.pdf
Fox  and Guyer's data on anonymity and cooperation Guyer.txt Guyer.pdf
Fox and Hartnagel's Canadian crime-rates time series data Hartnagel.txt Hartnagel.pdf
Freedman's data on population density and crime in U.S. cities Freedman.txt Freedman.pdf
Friendly and Franklin's memory data Friendly.txt Friendly.pdf
Ginzberg's data on depression Gnizberg.txt Ginzberg.pdf
Greene and Shaffer's data on Canadian refugee-appeals Greene.txt Greene.pdf
Hamilton's data on school-closing opinion in a Vermont town Hamilton.txt Hamilton.pdf
Harris et al.'s data on invasions of personal space Harris.txt Harris.pdf
High School and Beyond study HSB.txt HSB.pdf
Klein's data on the U.S. economy Klein.txt Klein.pdf
Leinhardt and Wasserman's data on infant mortality Leinhardt.txt Leinhardt.pdf
Long's data on attitude towards working mothers Moms-Long.txt Moms-Long.pdf
Long's data on occupational attainment GSS-Long.txt GSS-Long.pdf
Long's data on the prestige of biochemistry PhDs first job Long-PhDs.txt Long-PhDs.pdf
Long's data on research productivity of doctoral students in biochemistry Long.txt Long.pdf
Data on Migraine Headaches from Kostecki-Dillon, Monette, and Wong
Migraines.txt Migraines.pdf
Mandel's contrived collinear data Mandel.txt Mandel.pdf
Moore and Krupat's data on conformity Moore.txt Moore.pdf
Mroz's data on U.S. married women's labor-force participation Mroz.txt Mroz.pdf
Ornstein's Canadian interlocking-directorate data Ornstein.txt Ornstein.pdf
Phillips et al.'s data on girls' body weight pre- and post-menarche Phillips.txt Phillips.pdf
Powers and Xie's data on high-school graduation HS-Powers.txt HS-Powers.pdf
Powers and Xie's data on sex-role attitudes Women-Powers.txt Women-Powers.txt
Robey et al.'s data on fertility and contraception Robey.txt Robey.pdf
Sahlin's data on agricultural production in Mazulu village Sahlins.txt Sahlins.pdf
Snijder and Bosker's data on test scores of grade-8 students in the Netherlands Snijders.txt Snijders.pdf
Titanic: survival of passengers Titanic.txt Titanic.pdf
U.N. social indicators data UnitedNations.txt UnitedNation.pdf
U.S. population USPopulation.txt USPopulation.pdf
Vocabulary data from the U.S. General Social Survey Vocabulary.txt, Vocabulary-2.txt Vocabulary.pdf, Vocabulary-2.pdf
Wong, Monette, and Weiner's data on post-coma recovery of IQ Wong.txt Wong.pdf
World Value Survey data WVS.txt WVS.pdf

You can also download a zip file with all of the data files and descriptions.