The second edition of the R Companion is now available; the web site for the first edition is no longer being updated.

An R and S-PLUS Companion to Applied Regression

John Fox

Sage Publications, 2002

* Preface to the book
* Table of contents
* The R and S-PLUS web sites
* Jonathan Baron's R reference card
* Tom Short's R reference card
* Paul Johnson's R-Tips page
* Errata and updates
* Installing the current version of R for Windows
* Using the XEmacs editor and ESS with R for Windows
* The car library for R and S-PLUS (includes data sets)
* Scripts for examples by chapter and appendix .
* Web appendix to the text
* Obtaining help with R and S-PLUS
* Information for instructors
* Review of the book in the Political Methodologist
* Review of the book in the Canadian Journal of Sociology
* Review of the book in R News
* Review of the book in Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics
* Review of the book in The American Statistician

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