Scripts for Examples

An R and S-PLUS Companion to Applied Regression

John Fox

The chapter 'scripts' are for duplicating the examples in the text. They are available as individual text files, one for each chapter, and as a zip archive containing all eight files. There are similar scripts for the web Appendix.

Scripts by chapter

* Chapter 1: Ch1-script.txt (uses the data file Duncan.txt)
* Chapter 2: Ch2-script.txt (uses the data files Prestige.txt, Prestige-bugged.txt, Prestige-fixed.txt)
* Chapter 3: Ch3-script.txt
* Chapter 4: Ch4-script.txt
* Chapter 5: Ch5-script.txt
* Chapter 6: Ch6-script.txt
* Chapter 7: Ch7-script.txt
* Chapter 8: Ch8-script.txt

Zip file with all chapter scripts


Scripts for the appendices

* Appendix 1: Nonlinear Regression and Nonlinear Least Squares
* Appendix 2: Nonparametric Regression
* Appendix 3: Robust Regression
* Appendix 4: Time-Series Regression and Generalized Least Squares
* Appendix 5: Cox Regression for Survival Data (uses the data file Rossi.txt)
* Appendix 6: Mixed-Effects Models
* Appendix 7: General Structural-Equation Models
* Appendix 8: Bootstrapping Regression Models
* Appendix 9: Frames, Environment, and Scope in R and S-PLUS

Zip file with all appendix scripts

* (includes the data file Rossi.txt)

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