The R Commander: A Basic-Statistics GUI for R

Current Version: 2.6-x

John Fox

Please Read the R Commander Installation Notes!

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The R Commander is a graphical user interface (GUI) to the free, open-source R statistical software. The R Commander is implemented as an R package, the Rcmdr package, which is freely available on CRAN (the R package archive).

For information on the R Commander GUI, see John Fox, Using the R Commander (Chapman & Hall/CRC Press, 2017) and the introductory manual distributed with the package (accessible via the Help -> Introduction to the R Commander menu). An earlier version of the R Commander was described in a paper in the Journal of Statistical Software (which is now out of date)

To install the Rcmdr package, after installing R, see the R Commander installation notes, which gives specific information for Windows, macOS, and Linux/Unix users.

I'd very much appreciate learning about your experiences with the R Commander or suggestions that you may have for its further development.

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