Effect Displays (effects)

effects is an R package for graphical or tabular display of terms in several kinds of statistical models. There is an article in the Journal of Statistical Software that describes an earlier version the package, which handled linear and generalized linear models; the current version handles multinomial and proportional-odds logit models as well, as described in another article in the JSS. Some additional models currently handled by the package -- mixed-effects models fit by lmer in the lme4 package or lme in the nlme package, and models fit by generalized least squares using gls in the nlme package -- are described in the effects help pages.

The effects package may be downloaded from CRAN (the Comprehensive R Archive Network), either in source form, or as compiled binaries for various Windows systems, Macintoshes, and Linux/Unix systems. A portable-document-format (pdf) file with the help pages is also available there.

The current version of the effects package was written by John Fox, Sanford Weisberg, and Jangman Hong.

Please address comments, questions, and suggestions to  jfox AT mcmaster.ca.

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