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Saturday, September 8, 2007

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1. What is Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) Voting?


2. Does MMP provide better representation?

Karen Bird - McMaster University

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3. The Importance of MMP

Olivia Chow - MPP (Trinity-Spadina)


4. How minorities can benefit from MMP

Avvy Go, Metro Toronto Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic


5. Why choose MMP?

June Macdonald, Fair Vote Canada and Women for Fair Voting


6. MMP: How does the list work?

Steve Withers, Fair Vote Canada


7. MMP: The New Zealand Experience

Steve Withers, Fair Vote Canada


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Latest Information and Updates

October 3, 2007 - Report

New Press Release


Report - October 3, 2007

A press conference was held today by the Asian Canadian Labour Alliance and the Chinese Canadian National Council, Toronto Chapter. Joseph Wong, Susan Eng, Winnie Ng and Jenny Ahn announced that electoral reform was integral to address the needs of the Chinese Canadian community and they recommend support for MMP.

"It's time that all political parties in Ontario take the issue of representation of racial minorities seriously", states Jenny Ahn, Co-President of the Asian Canadian Labour Alliance. "For too long they have ignored our voices; MMP will provide us with the opportunity to hold politicians accountable both through direct democracy as well as challenging who political parties choose as candidates on their 'party slates'".