Atif.A. Kubursi teaches Economics at McMaster University; he joined McMaster in 1969 as assistant professor. Since 1981, Dr. Kubursi has held the rank of full professor. Dr. Kubursi also taught economics at Purdue University in Indiana, USA, was a senior visiting scholar at Cambridge University, UK., and lectured and consulted at Harvard.

In 1972, Atif Kubursi formed Econometric Research Limited which he has continuously served as its president. In 1982, he joined the United Nations Industrial Organization as Senior Development Officer. Since then he worked as a team leader of several UNIDO missions to Indonesia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sudan, and Egypt. In his consulting activities he has specialized in the areas of economic development strategies, impact analysis and regional planning with special emphasis on the environment, tourism and industrial development. He has frequently lectured on globalization issues, economic development, oil and industrialization, impact of tourism on provincial and local economies, political economy of development, Arab affairs and on environment-economy linkages.

Professor of Economics


-Professor of Economics at McMaster University.

-Extensive experience in economic consulting specializing in impact analysis, tourism and economic development.

-Designed computer based models for national, provincial and regional economies

-Directed a large number of projects for ERL and the United Nations in Canada and abroad.

-Author of seven books in economics and over 200 articles and reports.

-Frequent guest lecturer to university and non-university groups.

-TV and radio commentator on economics and Middle Eastern affairs.

-He speaks Arabic, French, English and some German.
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