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Sequencing the Microbe that Causes Bubonic Plague

The New York Times's article on the work of researchers from the McMaster Ancient DNA Centre and its collaborators on the identification of the microbe responsible for the Black Death.

Aug 30, 2011

Author:Nicholas Wade

Media: The New York Times

Date: August 2011

Hunting for a Mass Killer in Medieval Graveyards

Beneath the Royal Mint Court, diagonally across the street from the Tower of London, lie 1,800 mute witnesses to the foresight of the city fathers in the year 1348. Recognizing that the Black Death then scourging Europe would inevitably reach London, the authorities prepared a special cemetery in East Smithfield, outside the city walls, to receive the bodies of the stricken.

Hunting for a Mass Killer in Medieval Graveyards - The New York Times

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