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The MPERF includes two laboratory spaces:

microscopy, macrobotanical analysis, and reference collections are in Kenneth Taylor Hall room B122; microbotanical processing and analysis are in the General Sciences Building room 108

KTH B122:

  • Amscope zoom stereo microscopes and USB cameras (5x-50x reflected light magnification)
  • Sieves and scale for macrobotanical sample preparation
  • Zeiss microscope and camera with polarized light (100x-1000x transmitted light magnification)

GSB 108:

  • Ultrasonic water bath
  • Fume hood and sinks
  • Sediment storage cabinet
  • Chemical storage cabinet
  • Sartorius water distiller system
  • Sieves and glassware for microbotanical sample preparation
  • Analytical balance
  • Mini vortexer
  • CEM Mars 6 microwave digestion system with 40 vessels
  • Thermolyne large muffle/ashing furnace
  • Megafuge centrifuges with rotor sets
  • BWTek portable NanoRam spectrometer