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Freaky, freaky fresh!

Our new courses are lookin' fresh

Sex and the city in Buddhism. Say what? There are some great new titles on the 2017 - 2018 Social Sciences course list. With almost 60 new or revised courses this year, Soc Sci is looking fresher than ever!

Jun 05, 2017

There are hundreds of great courses offered through the Faculty of Social Sciences. While we can't list them all here we have pulled together a list of the new, revised or renamed courses and programs for 2017-2018. 

Four new minors


Course options

Are you an incoming student? See a list of first year courses. To view availability you will need to log into Mosaic. For a complete list of courses see the undergrad calendar 2017-2018 course listings.


New or revised courses


ANTHROP 2EE3 Sport and/as Religion 

ANTHROP 2HE3 Heritage, Economy, and Ethics 

ANTHROP 3SS3 Sacred Journeys 

ANTHROP 4KK3 The Archaeology of Neanderthals and Other Early Humans 


Health, Aging and Society

HLTHAGE 2L03 Drugs, Sex and Alcohol: Society and its Addictions 


Indigenous Studies

INDIG ST 2M03 - Indigenous Research Methods and Ethics  

INDIG ST 2MM3 – Indigenous Ways of Knowing: Theory 


Political Science

POL SCI 2US3 US Politics 

POL SCI 3CL3 Constitutional and Public Law in Canada

POL SCI 3GC3 Global Climate Change 

POL SCI 3PB3 Politics from Below 

POL SCI 3RF3 The Charter of Rights and Freedoms 

POL SCI 3WP3 Working in Politics 

POL SCI 4CA3 Issues in Canadian Politics 

POL SCI 4CF3 Canadian Foreign Policy 

POL SCI 4HR3 Human Rights 

POL SCI 4JS3 Judicial Studies 

POL SCI 4LA3 Politics in Latin America

POL SCI 4LC3 Research on Law and Courts 

POL SCI 4PA3 Policy Analysis and Implementation 

POL SCI 4UF3 US Foreign Policy 


Religious Studies

RELIGST 2AP3 Apocalypse, Then and Now 

RELIGST 2BN3 Sex and the City in Buddhism: The Urban Life of Buddhist Nuns in North India 

RELIGST 2ER3 Religion, The Body, and the Machine 

RELIGST 2RB3 Ethnicity, Race, and the Bible 

RELIGST 2RN3 Religion in the News

RELIGST 2SP3 Sport and/as Religion 

RELIGST 2VR3 Violence and Religion  

RELIGST 4SR3 Topics in the Sociology of Religion 


Social Psychology

SOCPSY 4B03 - Special Topics in Social Psychology 


Social Work

SOCWORK 1AA3- So You Think You Can Help? Introduction to Social Work I 

SOCWORK 1BB3- Re-Imagining Help: Introduction to Social Work II 

SOCWORK 4SA3- Critical Child Welfare: From Theory to Practice Part I 

SOCWORK 4SB3- Critical Child Welfare: From Theory to Practice Part II 



SOCIOL 1C03 - Canadian Society: Social Problems, Social Policy, and the Law 

SOCIOL 1Z03 - An Introduction to Sociology 

SOCIOL 2BB3 - Sociology of Deviance 

SOCIOL 2CC3 - Constructing Deviance 

SOCIOL 2DD3 - Immigration and the Canadian Mosaic

SOCIOL 2EE3 - Introduction to Indigenous-Settler Relations in Canada 

SOCIOL 2FF3 - The Sociology of “Race” and Ethnicity 

SOCIOL 2GG3 - Sociology of Education 

SOCIOL 2HH3 - Sociology of Gender 

SOCIOL 2JJ3 - Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality 

SOCIOL 2KK3 - Introduction to Classical Sociological Theory 

SOCIOL 2LL3 - Introduction to Contemporary Sociological Theory 

SOCIOL 2PP3 - Sociology of Families 

SOCIOL 2QQ3 - Dynamics and Transitions in Intimate Relationships and Families 

SOCIOL 2SS3 - Sociology of Work and Occupations

SOCIOL 2TT3 - Environmental Sociology 

SOCIOL 3FF3 - Introductory Statistics for Sociology 

SOCIOL 3NN3 - Popular Culture and Inequality 

SOCIOL 4FF3 - Applications of Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences 

SOCIOL 4HH3 - Sociology Students and the Work World  

SOCIOL 4KK3 - Sociology through Community Engagement and Service 

SOCIOL 4LL3 - Selected Topics in the Sociology of Immigration 

SOCIOL 4SR3 - Topics in the Sociology of Religion